IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

Summary: Quote of the week:"IT often enforces rigid rules and convoluted governance processes. IT must evolve new governance approaches that empower the business with providing 'guardrails' and education, reserving strict technology control for only the most critical technology assets.


Quote of the week:

"IT often enforces rigid rules and convoluted governance processes. IT must evolve new governance approaches that empower the business with providing 'guardrails' and education, reserving strict technology control for only the most critical technology assets. For many, this will be a radical change — from layered technology management to new rules for ownership, accountability, and responsibility."

-Khalid Kark, vice president and research director at Forrester Research, in a recent Forbes post: "The New CIO — Embrace The Empowered Era Or Step Aside."

Topic: CXO

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  • RE: IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

    Eshhh....I put Forrester Research on the same level as Frost & Sullivan, should not be too long before Wikipedia bans Forrester like the did Frost & Sullivan. Seriously, never heard of that clown, Khalid Kark, but most like most market research people, he speaks without having real world experience and working knowledge.
  • RE: IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

    It sounds like a good idea, until you're on the IT side of things, having to deal with all the stupid little problems, that become stupid big problems, resulting from all the suggestion of "reserving strict technology control for only the most critical technology assets."
    • My favorite account.


      Is when IT tried to dictate we change to Microsoft's VS C++ for all of our projects as the project certified Borland C compiler was no longer allowed to run on the network.

      I was informed by clueless IT run by outsourced company CSC) that the MS compiler was perfectly good and all projects were going to be forced to change.

      This decision was made unilaterally by IT with no consultation with any project or business unit. Once they found that if they wanted to enforce this rule, CSC would have to pony up the 5-10 million USD to test and certify the compiler (and every upgrade they forced us to use) as well as the $250,000/project recertification did they finally see the light they were clueless.

      Outside of Office and a handfull of enterprise level tools, IT should have minimal input in deciding business unit toolsets.
      • RE: IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

        CSC is an outsourcing company... the IT of CSC is what you business types(probably well above you) believe how IT should be run.

        Chances are someone high up on the BUSINESS food change in your company bought the CSC song and dance, from the SALESMAN on standardization. Those IT'ers in CSC were just following THEIR business orders(aka.. push our standard product line).
    • I'm currently -


      scanning a hard drive for malware - seems one of my users figured that a P2P network is a great idea at work! Still don't know how he managed to install it...? Just gonna have to hit'em with some more GPEDITs, I guess.
  • Reminds me of a line from Spiderman....

    "With great power comes great responsibility."

    IT will empower the masses when the masses understand and accept the reponsibility for their actions.

    Too much time is lost trying to correct a system damaged by end-user empowerment. When Tech becomes so simple to use that support ceases to become a requirement to use that tech, then IT will loosen the strings.

    However, being an IT worker, I become hopelessly exhausted from getting a request on a Friday afternoon that someone screwed their system up and needs it back up by Monday morning.

    Hmmm.... maybe HR should empower us and just pay us without a timecard? OR Accounting should just pay all those invoices and not question them?

    It seems that IT is always working 24 X 7 so that the finance department can be productive 8X10. Then IT budgets are slashed so they can only be staffed 8X10. Maybe you're right. We should empower the staff to fix their own problems and if you don't have that report on Monday morning, it was becasue I was spending my weekend on my own pursuits, not yours.... Just like you were....
    Freddy McGriff
  • So True

    I work in IT and see it all the time. Many IT workers are used to doing things one way and lack the experience or skills to do something different. That's the problem. We have workers that went to a boot camp to get A+, MCSE, CCNA, or some other meaningless certification and are hired as an IT "expert".

    Throw a Windows admin in front of a Mac and you will get a triad about how it sucks. Yet someone who enjoys IT will be able to figure it out with minimal fuss. Same thing for Linux.

    Add to that the political BS where you may have business solutions built around one vendor (usually Microsoft) that doesn't play nice with others and you have a recipe for lock in to one platform.

    What IT should be doing is building platform agnostic solutions that empower the business to do what they want. Build an industry standard app and it won't matter if the user is a Mac, Lunux, or Windows user. Won't matter if they are using IE, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Or mobile.

    I work in IT and it amazes me the BS people have to do to get stuff doe for their job. Bob finds an application that makes his job easier and he wants to purchase and install it. It's at least 3 months before he gets the OK from IT. WTF? Something on his PC, used by him, and properly licensed should not be that hard. But it's all in the guise of support.

    Fellow IT people, remember: users are the reason we have jobs. If it were not for users, we would be unemployed. Don't ever forget it.
  • RE: IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

    And while your at it, why not let employees have a look at the corporate books, payroll, and allow them to set their own work hours?
    They're smart and mature enough to handle those responsibilities as well.
    Dumbest thing I've ever read!
    What moron writes this tripe?
    We've got a growing epidemic of malware, viruses, and databases being hacked, and you want the very people responsible for most of these breaches to have more ways of putting your company out of business?
    Stupid, ignorant, arrogant fools!
    Stick to your engineering, managing, and accounting jobs, and let IT do their's.
    Namely keeping your butts out of the news?
  • RE: IT, loosen up a bit on that governance

    IT will loosen up when business takes full responsibility (does not even mention IT) when business disregards the guiderails and something blows up in their face.

    Allowing business to choose applications is similar to allowing children to choose their own diet (cookies and ice cream every meal). For example: Business decides on a great application that their friend says is great. IT installs this great application. Business complains that the great application does not integrate with all the other applications that business knows and loves. IT informs Business that great application is not compatible with organisation other applications and Business friend works in organisation which has compatible applications. IT proceeds to integrate great application ($$$) or IT replaces great application with similar application that is compatible ($$). Business complains that IT is expensive.