SOA paves way to 'postmodern' software regime: Gartner's Anne Thomas Manes

SOA paves way to 'postmodern' software regime: Gartner's Anne Thomas Manes

Summary: Lots of new clients, lots of new databases, lots of new APIs. All need to be service oriented.


It's time for radical change within application infrastructures and architectures, and service oriented architecture is the right approach at the right time.

That's the word from Gartner's analyst Anne Thomas Manes, speaking at the recent AADI Summit 2011 in Las Vegas, reported by TechTarget's Jack Vaughan.  Software needs to be capable of supporting a new variety of client interfaces and an abundance of open Web-based programmable interfaces, Manes said. The new challenge going forward is being able to bring together a burgeoning assortment of client devices and data types into a common architecture.

SOA is paving the way for this transformation, she said, urging a move to "postmodern" principles, defined as systems built to change on demand. She even pointed out that SOA has been rejuvenated as a more serious, less vendor-hyped approach to modular approaches to business problems.

Bottom line: there's a lot of service orienting that will need to be done.

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