The Open Group's TOGAF certification picks up steam

The Open Group's TOGAF certification picks up steam

Summary: The Open Group announces that more than 15,000 IT professionals are certified in its enterprise architecture framework.


The Open Group just issued a couple of announcements regarding its TOGAF certification program: TOGAF® itself has became a registered trademark, and the total number of TOGAF certifications has passed 15,200.

Gary Doherty, TOGAF product manager for The Open Group, observes that TOGAF became a handy tool for many companies and IT professionals attempting to weather the recent economic hurricane:

"As organizations have struggled financially, they have been forced to look at their organizational and business models and determine where they could cut spending dramatically. Obviously IT budgets were a large part of those evaluations. Open standards, such as TOGAF®, can help organizations better manage difficult times by providing a framework that allows enterprise architects to help their companies save money, maintain and enhance profitability and improve efficiencies."

TOGAF, which stands for "The Open Group Architectural Framework," was first released in 1995 and the program is now on version 9. The certification is intended to help provide a high-level, efficient and standardized approach to the design, planning, implementation, and governance of an enterprise architecture. TOGAF addresses four levels: business, applications, data, and technology.

Topics: IT Employment, CXO, Enterprise Software

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  • RE: The Open Group's TOGAF certification picks up steam

    Very good. Thanks for informing me. Time to get certified again.
    Ram U


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    You can do a simulation of TOGAF part 1 and part 2 exam and test your knowledge!
    Great to prepare for the examination day.

    Hope can help.