App synchs data between Constant Contact, CRM systems

App synchs data between Constant Contact, CRM systems

Summary: Cazoomi's SyncApps cloud service keeps contact data and other relevant prospecting information synchronized between the marketing platform and popular cloud-delivered CRM applications.


Cloud services company Cazoomi has updated its SyncApps technology to work with the Constant Contact online marketing service.

The net effect is that Constant Contact users will now be able to use SyncApps to keep contacts and data synchronized between the marketing platform and their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The Cazoomi applications are part of the Constant Contact Marketplace; you'll need to select a specific SyncApp flavor that works with the applications you would like to keep in lock step.

Supported CRM systems include Highrise CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, Netsuite CRM+, several different editions of Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.

Aside from prospect and customer contact information, other synchronized data can include sales history and stage of sales cycle, which is information that you might want to consider when running a marketing campaign.

Cazoomi is offering a "Free for Life" plan for Constant Contact customers that covers two-way syncs of basic contact information. If you want to keep more information than that synchronized, a SyncApps plan starts at $9.99 per month.

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  • Heather, thanks for the great write-up and our teams will be thrilled...

    to see their SyncApps creations traveling around the world so quickly with the Constant Contact brand.

  • A great solution!

    Thanks for the writeup Heather! We see more and more small businesses that have their data stored in other cloud apps and Cazoomi has really met a tremendous need enabling data synchs among multiple systems!

    Kevin O'Brien
    Constant Contact