Brainshark teams with Box for presentation storage

Brainshark teams with Box for presentation storage

Summary: Integrated application allows small-business professionals to present PowerPoint presentations stored on Box with their Apple iPad tablet computers.


Cloud presentation service provider Brainshark has integrated its service directly with Box.

The integration means that small-business owners or SMB employees will now be able to upload PowerPoint presentations stored on the Box cloud document storage service directly to the SlideShark iPad application.

To my knowledge, SlideShark is still the only cloud presentation service that lets people give PowerPoint slide shows directly from their Apple iPad tablet computers, retaining the original colors, animations and so on. The integrated application from Box and Brainshark that marries the SlideShark presentation features with Box is called SlideShark for Box.

"With the SlideShark for Box OneCloud app, we're now able to give Box's huge number of mobile customers an easy and convenient way to view and present PowerPoint presentations on the iPad with a simple one-click 'upload to SlideShark' option right within Box," said Brainshark CMO Andy Zimmerman, in a statement.

This relationship echoes another integration that I wrote about last week that marries the RingCentral fax service with three of the cloud storage providers, including Box, Dropbox and Google Docs. My prediction is that you will see Box and Dropbox continue to work on distinguishing their services through relationships such as this one.

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  • *yawn

    why would I want to pay 10 to 20 dollars per month to use a powerpoint software? When I can buy Keynote for $10 one time on my iOS device, or $20 on my Mac, and have PPT or Google docs for everything else?
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