Create private mobile apps for your small business

Create private mobile apps for your small business

Summary: New service from startup TheAppBuilder (developed by Jampot Technologies) focuses on helping SMBs share collateral or automate processes via mobile devices.


Based on viewership of my past posts about mobile applications, many of this blog's readers care about easy ways of developing same. So I learned with interest that one of the companies I included in my list "14 DIY mobile app development resources for small businesses," has updated its technology to support development of free HTML 5 apps and to help small companies create applications that might be useful for internal collaboration or processes.

That company, TheAppBuilder from Ireland, is focusing its new HTML 5 publishing option on small companies that need to get applications published quickly or that aren't yet willing to invest in native application development, said James Scott, CEO of JamPot Technologies, which runs TheAppBuilder.

So, for example, retailers might use them for one-time promotions or events.

The idea behind the Private Apps service is similar. The service allows companies to create and publish apps for private usage, such as sales collateral, training materials and so on. These applications can be shared via a private domain. The service was developed at the request of TheAppBuilder customers, Scott said.

To date, there have been roughly 30,000 apps written by small businesses and individuals using TheAppBuilder in its roughly three-month existence. Approximately 70 percent of those applications are originating from businesses in North America, Scott said.

The basic HTML 5 service is free; you will need to pay if you want to add certain extensions.

Small businesses that are looking to create a mobile application that can be submitted to all the three major mobile apps stores (for Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows Phone) can expect to pay a one-time fee of around $499 for the Private Apps service.

Could your small business benefit from viewing the mobile devices that its employees are already using as a means of publishing information more cost-effectively? The company might be onto something: while it might be too early for some small businesses to target customers with mobile apps, they could be a very effective internal management tool.

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