Is your SMB running unauthorized cloud apps? Find out

Is your SMB running unauthorized cloud apps? Find out

Summary: Your company may be vulnerable to security or privacy issues if employees are running unsanctioned or unmanaged cloud services.


You and I have both read many statistics about the rising level of cloud services adoption by small and midsize businesses. The fact is that many SMBs may actually be supporting cloud services without actually realizing it.

That's the focus of a new "detection" offering from Spiceworks, which offers management tools and services for IT professionals.

The service, which is part of the Spiceworks 6.0 management platform, helps small businesses figure out whether or not their employees are running cloud services such as the Amazon or Dropbox file sharing and storage services. The motivation is security: Spiceworks warns that small businesses could be exposing themselves to data loss or privacy breaches, to unintended application subscription costs or to network security issues.

"Knowing which cloud services are running on my network is essential to maintaining security and helping save money," said Andy Phelps, IT manager at HPS Group, a Spiceworks customer.

The Spiceworks tool is configured to detect more than 40 popular cloud services that could be running with a small business owner's knowledge. What your company chooses to do after it finds those services -- eradicate them or manage them -- it your business.

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  • Offer alternative services to employees

    It is definitely difficult to eradicate cloud services in the organization, because people are already used to these cloud services that offer convenience to work. Organizations should start identifying alternative solutions that can be managed and monitored to avoid security issues and recommend them to their employees. Our organization have already opted a file sharing solution that can be controlled and monitored with complete ownership over our data.