LaCie intros backup tech for SMBs that handle it themselves

LaCie intros backup tech for SMBs that handle it themselves

Summary: The high-end version of the new LaCie 5big Office series can handle up to 25 PCs distributed at more than one location.


With all the buzz about growing traction for cloud backup services over the past six months, it has been easy to overlook the fact that there are plenty of on-site options smaller companies have at their disposal.

One of the latest to hit the market fis from storage device manufacturer LaCie, which supports WIndows, Apple Macintosh and Linux platforms. Its latest backup solution for small businesses is called the 5big Office Series.

There are two basic configurations of the new LaCie product series. One option runs Windows Home Server 2011 and is appropriate for backin up as many as 10 PCs. The second configuration, dubbed the 5big Office+, runs WIndows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials and is intended to back up as many as 25 PCs. The series supports RAID 1 and RAID 5 modes. If desired, data can be backed up to an off-site locations as a disaster recovery option; LaCie offers its own Secure Cloud Storage option called Wuala.

The single-drive version of the 5big Office backup solution has a base capacity of 2 terabytes. It uses the 1.6GHz Intel 64-bit Atom processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. LaCie has addressed the speed of backups by including deduplication features that ensures only one instance of redundant data is backed up.

The 5big Office+ version includes additional features that make it appropriate for integrating with offsite servers, so it is appropriate for small businesses that might have multiple geographic solutions to support. It runs on a faster dual-core processor, boasts dual Ethernet links and comes with Windows domain/Active Directory support. 5big Office+ is expandable up to 10 terabytes of capacity, by adding up to five disks.

Prices for the 5big Office series of backup solutions starts at $749. The hardware is protected by a three-year limited warranty.

(Image courtesy of LaCie)

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    I love ZDNet, its the first thing I read in bed every morning (on my Blackberry), but, does Heather proof-read content before posting?<br>"One of the latest to hit the market fis from" - huh?<br>"WIndows" - why is the i in windows capitalised?<br>"appropriate for backin up" - umm?<br>"can be backed up to an off-site locations" - you can't use an (implying singular) then use locations (plural)<br>"features that ensures" - again, multiple and singular contradiction. <br>Proofreading please!