Mobile apps use among SMBs on the rise: survey

Mobile apps use among SMBs on the rise: survey

Summary: Communications applications are dominant among small-business owners relying on the Apple iPad to run their operations.

TOPICS: Apps, Mobility, SMBs

Once again, the small-business demographic is pushing the envelope when it comes to mobile technology adoption. The fact is, they have really being doing so for the last decade. Now, close to 40 percent of small-business owners are using five more more mobile apps to run their business, according to an ongoing survey conducted by J2 Global.

The research, which covered about 1,030 small businesses, focused on a broad range of topics, including SMB usage of the Apple iPad.

The most popular use for the iPad is email, the J2 Global Small Business Survey found. Other popular mobile applications are Web browsing, document management, product demonstrations, phone and video communications, and fax. A note here: J2 Global is the company behind the eFax and eVoice services (there are mobile apps for both), so it isn't really surprising that communications would wind up being a big focus among the survey respondents.

The survey showed that restaurants and food service companies were among those leading the adoption of point of sale (POS) and fax applications.

Topics: Apps, Mobility, SMBs

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  • WHAT!?! this simply can not be!!! The iPad is a TOY and can not

    be used productively in business period end of story!!! I find this story and this so called trend highly suspect.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • What?

    You get paid to write this? They use the tablet for e-mail. Well who would have ever thought a small business owner would do such a thing?
    Yeah they use them to speed up the drive thru line at In n Out Burger.

    Forgive me I actually thought this article was about something, wrong.
    Wish I had a dream job like you Heather, could write this one from your couch reading CNN using you guessed it, an iPad.