Netgear creates video surveillance suite for small businesses

Netgear creates video surveillance suite for small businesses

Summary: Netgear builds on existing network and network storage infrastructure with a solution that supports up to 16 cameras.


Small business networking powerhouse Netgear has pulled together end-to-end IP video surveillance product focused on small businesses or corporate branch offices.

The product, called Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance, integrates the capabilities of four separate Netgear components:

  • Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance Network Video Recorder software, which works with up to 16 cameras to provide search, watermarking and e-mapping features
  • Netgear ReadyNAS network storage systems
  • Netgear ProSafe Smart and Managed Switches
  • Five Netgear Network Management Software

The idea is that small companies will be able to build on existing Netgear network and networked attached storage infrastructure if they want to add a system for physical security, instead of paying for a separate 16-camera system or hiring a consultant. The technology will work with more than 1,000 different digital IP camera models, Netgear said.

Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance is due to ship in mid-May 2012. You can try it on a trial basis for 30 days for up to 16 cameras. After that point, the list price starts at $95 percent camera license (not counting all the hardware you need to collect and store and stream the video).

Topic: SMBs

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  • Monstrous...

    Massively monstrous misuse of totalitarian state technology.
    Tony Burzio
    • LOL

      So businesses don't have the right to secure their assets, their employees and their customers? We're not talking about the government putting cameras on every street light, we're talking about small businesses being able to monitor their entry ways, parking lots/garages, data centers, etc.

      I certainly am concerned with the government's (both parties, by the way) love affair with monitoring its citizens, but there is a place for security technology like this.
    • misuse?

      actually required in many places to provide security and accountability. I wouldnt want to work in a place where if something happened, you couldnt review video tapes to show who did what.
    • You do not know what totalitarian is

      since it is a private business not the state it can not be totalitarian. We as individuals have the right to set up security system to set up security systems. I wish to parking lot where my truck was broken into had a security surveillance system.
  • This is actually a good nitch idea.

    It's one way to ease the addition of another camera system with minimum expenditure and the camera compatibility list is quite long. Of course, most of my customers can't even afford IP cameras so it wouldn't help them. They prefer cheap. Perfect for a corporate branch office network tho. Everyone who deals with the public or has employees needs some sort of system.
  • ReadyNAS keeps growing

    I have a twin 2TB ReadyNAS system at home. It's affordable, low power archiving and the ReadyNAS line has matured through a number of revisions of their device footprint. It's great to see them expand the line to include other affordable uses.
  • freelancer

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  • ?

    So am I evil for having 6 cameras around the exterior of my house recording all movement? Both my car and my home were burglarized in the last 2 years. At least these cameras give me a little piece of mind now.. And I use cheap webcams and an open source program called Zoneminder. Not interested in paying a $95 license per camera to Netgear. =)
    • Way to go

      Have six cameras trained around my home. Not only does the crooks not hang around my house, solicitors approach my home with extreme caution!!!
      • Do have cams around my house, too

        I agree. I also think safety comes first. However I use Xeoma and am not going to change - it has all I need and is being constantly upgraded.
        Mitch R.