New antivirus software targets 'micro' businesses

New antivirus software targets 'micro' businesses

Summary: Avira Endpoint Security offers 15-month coverage for three users starting at $148.65.

TOPICS: Software, Security

Security software company Avira has adapted its antivirus software for small businesses with as few as three users.

Avira Endpoint Security includes cross-platform coverage for client and server systems running either Windows or Unix software, as well as network coverage for file servers. The software includes the company's network management console, offering a centralized point for configuration and ongoing administration. Actually, the bundle contains these separate tools, bringing them together so that they are easier to manage: Avira Management Console, Configuration Wizard, Avira Professional Security and Avira Server Security.

The product is priced starting at $148.95 for three users, offering up to 15 months of security coverage.

Topics: Software, Security

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  • RE: New antivirus software targets 'micro' businesses

    They are targeting micro businesses running Windows.<br><br>Q. How do you make money off of Windows?<br>A. Sell AV software.