Plustek's super-small video recorder for SMB spy cameras

Plustek's super-small video recorder for SMB spy cameras

Summary: New nDVR540 solution, priced at $329 for up to 320 gigabytes, was designed for easy set-up and management.


Imaging company Plustek Technology has released a compact digital video recording system designed for use in surveillance systems, such as those used by gas stations, small offices, hotels and stores.

The nDVR540 measures roughly 6 inches wide by 6.7 inches long by 1.7 inches deep. It supports four channel CCTV cameras, offering real-time recording and display features by using H.624 compression. The storage system works with existing cameras and surveillance video can be captured at up to 120 frames per second; separate resolutions can be set for each channel.

Cameras can be plugged into the DVR via BNC connectors. Administrators can use a Web interface to set up the configuration, video preview, playback and storage parameters that make the most sense for their surveillance system. Your company can also set up specific timeframes for when things should be recorded, such as according to certain schedules, when motion is detected or when a specific defined events occur.

The system can also be managed remotely using an Android mobile device, iPhone or iPad.

An nDVR540 with up to 320 gigabytes of storage on the hard drive is priced at $329.

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