Square upgrades smartphone apps for iOS, Android

Square upgrades smartphone apps for iOS, Android

Summary: The Card Case application will now be known as Pay with Square; it boasts a new user interface and geolocation features.


Mobile payments software pioneer introduced an update to its smartphone application this week and also adopted a name change. The software, which used to be called Card Case, is now known as Pay with Square.

Among the features that are being touted by Square for the update are a new user interface that is supposed to speed up the payment process. The company has also provided a mapping feature that displays Square-enabled businesses using geolocation features. So, you can check a map to see which merchants in the neighborhood are accepting mobile payments. You can create a favorites lists using the application that can be shared.

Square is touting its updated Android device support with this latest release, seeking to establish more of a stronghold on that platform as PayPal focuses more attention on the mobile payments space.

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  • I like Square but...

    Compared to other upstarts I really like Square and I would recommend it- but only to businesses in the US. And really it's not just that Square has limited itself to the US market, their current technology won't be feasible to other countries like the UK, Germany etc.

    But that's not really bad news for the UK and Europe in general because there are companies like mPowa that are going to be headlining the mobile payment scene in Europe (and perhaps other parts of the world) soon. I personally find mPowa best-suited for the UK/European market. But you can check that out yourself: http://www.mpowa.com/