Startup targets design-challenged with presentation templates

Startup targets design-challenged with presentation templates

Summary: Care more about the message than the medium? Slidevana offers PowerPoint and Keynote templates that spruce up your content.


As a small-business owner, you doubtless have plenty to say -- about your company, products, services and so forth. But you also don't have very much time to fiddle with presentation slides, nor is it likely that you have a presentation guru who can create all the PowerPoint or Keynote files you need.

That's a dilemma, since limited patience spans and our love of photos and videos have made the visual layout of messaging more critical than ever.

Enter Slidevana, a company that has created 150 templates that you can use with either PowerPoint or Keynote. The software is targeted at small-business owners that want to focus on their story, rather than "pushing around pixels in presentation software," said Ravi Mehta, the Boston entrepreneur who came up with idea.

You can even author your presentation using an Apple iPhone or iPad; and mess with color schemes.

This is an old-style sort of software: you pay $69 to download a perpetual license of the templates that lets you use any of them that you'd like with either PowerPoint or Keynote; you can pay $99 to get templates that work with both presentation applications.

That fee will entitle you to new templates as they are added to the gallery, Mehta said.

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  • Not sure why someone would buy this over using SmartArt

    Looked through the gallery samples, and it seems that SmartArt in MS Office can even trump most of their designs. I personally feel it's not worth the amount of money they're asking for.
    • Agreed.

      I was wholly underwhelmed by the templates.
    • Slidevana is a big timesaver

      SmartArt can be a good solution, but I've found that it is time consuming to work with. It takes a lot of monkeying around to get font sizes and layouts to look good, and changing some text can throw the whole layout off. With Slidevana, you can copy the exact slide you want and add in the text without having to move, resize, or restyle elements, and results look a lot better than the SmartArt defaults. As a result, you can build professional looking slide decks much more quickly.