Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

Summary: New PrintBack app will let you print from a smartphone to a Xerox printer, including the new SMB-targeted WorkCentre 6015.


With Hewlett-Packard still mulling its future strategy, Xerox figures it is a good time to get small and midsize businesses thinking about its non-enterprise options.

The two latest come in the form of a mobile print application, PrintBack, that lets you access your PC- or Macintosh-connected printer with a smart phone; and a multifunction device that is the first Xerox desktop multifunction printer (MFP) that comes with Wi-Fi support.

PrintBack works with a Google Android or any device that runs the Apple iOS software (so, an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). You can send the document to be printed from the handheld to the printer via a public e-mail service such as G-mail, Hotmail or via a service such as Dropbox. The application can handle documents, photos or Web pages. You can actually schedule it to run later when you release it at a printer, securely. (Here is the list of compatible Xerox printers.)

Xerox has also introduced its first MFP that is Wi-Fi-enabled. (Um, what took so long?) The WorkCentre 6015 offers the same basic functionality as the Xerox Phaser 6010, handling up to 12 color pages per minute and 15 pages for black and white. It supports copy, scan, fax and digital workflow capabilities, and Xerox touts its small footprint: 16.1 inches x 15.3 inches x 13.3 inches. The green side of me is disappointed that the printer doesn't support automatic dual-sided printing (you have to do this manually, if you're trying to print on both sides). The MFP starts at $449.

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  • HP Already this printer in the E510

    HP's Estation510 already does this superbly I might add. Plus you get the tablet yup a tablet with WiFi, net brows, Ebook reader, mp3 player and streamer..and you can print from anywhere you got a connection and two sided or photo from a remote computer or the handy tablet!
    It is listed at 399.00 but 162.00 is the sale price. Can't beat it!
    • RE: Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

      @rmacleod@... I think you missed the gist of the article there rmac. They are talking about a PrintBack APP that works on iOS AND Android mobile devices that can print to your default printer from almost any file or photo on your mobile device.

      And you missed something else very important - IT IS FREE.

      The WC6015 that they mention in the article is a WPS compliant Wi-Fi enabled color multifunction printer that sets up with the push of a button with a WPS enabled router.

      Do yourself a favor. Download the app and start using it - it even works with HP stuff. WHOA!!!
  • Other Solutions

    I've been using PrinterShare for almost a year.
    You can print to local, networked printers without going to.the cloud.
  • RE: Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

    PrinterShare works OK if your printer is on the supported list. Their list is rather constraining. I've been using it, when I could. Even after using PrintBack for a short time, I don't see the constraints in either the printer that I use or the file format of the document.
  • RE: Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

    Pretty olddd it's time u catch HP Printers at least in their basic functionality...the stuff being talked about here was released by HP on iPhones more than an year back. Also, HP has already sold more than 3 million (yes 3 MILLION printers with email-id) ePrint enabled printers.... just google HP ePrint and you will know where xerox is as compared to hewlett packard ... and yes they are having WPS functionality in all our basic to advanced printers - PUNEET
  • RE: Xerox woos with mobile printing, Wi-Fi-enabled multifunction device

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