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Adrian Bridgwater a freelance journalist specialising in cross platform software application development as well as all related aspects of software engineering and project management. Adrian is a regular blogger with covering the application development landscape and the movers, shakers and start-ups that make the industry the vibrant place that it is. His journalistic creed is to bring forward-thinking, impartial, technology editorial to a professional (and hobbyist) software audience around the world. His mission is to objectively inform, educate and challenge - and through this champion better coding capabilities and ultimately better software engineering. Adrian has worked as a freelance technology journalist and public relations consultant for over fifteen years. His work has been published in various international publications including the Wall Street Journal,, The Register,, BBC World Service magazines, Web Designer magazine,, the UAE’s Khaleej Times & and SYS-CON’s Web Developer’s Journal. He has worked as technology editor for international travel & retail magazines and also produced annual technology industry review features for UK-based publishers ISC. Additionally, he has worked as a telecoms industry analyst for Business Monitor International. In previous commercially focused roles, Adrian directed publicity work for clients including IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, Intel, Motorola, Computer Associates, Ascom, Infonet and RIM. Adrian has also conducted media training and consultancy programmes for companies including Sony-Ericsson, IBM, RIM and Kingston Technology. He is also a published travel writer and has lived and worked abroad for 10 years in Tanzania, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and the United States.

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The Young Person's Guide To Orchestrated Software Development

If you were an 18-year old spotty faced computer science student, would you be more interested in learning your way around the command line and scraping your fingernails on the rough edges of real code, or would you be happy to know that you'll ultimately be working with a completely automated software management system – so why bother?

May 26, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


The Software A to Z

In my last ever issue of a software development magazine that I used to edit we decided to go with an A to Z theme. So quite simply we went through the alphabet and tried to pick a good software related subject for every letter.

May 25, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater

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Interoperability: baked in, or lightly sprinkled on top?

I mentioned last week that I'd been in an interoperability briefing whilst at Novell BrainShare in Amsterdam; the content of which was themed around the MoreInterop partnership between Microsoft and Novell itself. Stopping to give this subject slightly more analysis, it strikes me that there may be more than one set of messages going into the cake mix here.

May 24, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


Novell BrainShare 2010 Amsterdam: Enhanced Workload Management & Space-Cake

After a five-year absence, Novell is staging its BrainShare EMEA conference in Amsterdam starting today. This week's 103 technical sessions were completely sold out in terms of attendance and by the look of things most attendees made it to the keynote this morning despite Amsterdam's other enticing attractions.

May 19, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


Do you have empathy for Empathy?

Is there a point at which a robust back-end beats up-front encryption and security functionality and, crucially, could that reality extend to open source? Well, if you'd asked me last week I'd have told you no, but I would have reminded you to keep taking the little white happy pills.

May 14, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


When Sybase met SAP

Not that you would notice if you happened to visit either vendors' home pages today, but yes Sybase did indeed enter into a deal with SAP today (actually it was last night) to the tune of US$5.8bn.

May 13, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


Tibco's Enterprise 3.0 Evangelising

Turning down an opportunity to attend Tibco Software's TUCON event in Las Vegas this week was hard enough, trying to get Microsoft Word to accept the word 'Evangelising' without using a Z was even harder. Regardless, I had a late briefing yesterday with Tibco's Ram Menon who is one of the company's executive VP men-of-the-moment when it comes to Enterprise 3.

May 11, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater


Electoral reform for information technology

Like a lot of people in the disenfranchised Great British electorate I was unable to vote last week due to administrative errors within the mechanics of my local council. But now with the feint prospect of electoral reform just a hop, skip and jump away; the acronym PR could have more to do with Proportional Representation than EMEA CEO press release appointments by the end of this coming week.

May 10, 2010 by Adrian Bridgwater