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Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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More Litigation for Satyam & trouble for their ex-CFO & PWC

What you can learn from a court filing and some news storiesThis weekend, I read about (by my count) the fourth class action suit being filed against Satyam, its management and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). This particular filing Satyam court filinghas a very up-to-date and complete chronology of events in it and provides a great backgrounder for anyone just catching up on the Satyam situation.

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Will the Satyam incident spur real change?

Indian Media Sees Overly Kind Treatment of Ex-ChairmanThe Hindu today reported that former Satyam Chairman Ramalinga Raju has been treated with "white gloves". Specifically, the former executive has been given a very different treatment than that encountered by another famous Indian executive involved in a less spectacular situation.

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