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Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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Would you sign off on this audit? What’s a going concern in this business climate?

Are Audited Financial Statements of Value Anymore?Auditors will surely do a lot of head scratching in the coming months as they decide which of their clients’ books are prepared as:- going concerns- breakup basis- going concern but with an expression of doubt as to the firm’s futureI’ve looked at the last audited statement for Bear Stearns and the audit was essentially unqualified and yet Bear Stearns failed.

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SAP Business ByDesign Update

Staying the (Restrained) CourseFellow ZDNet blogger, Dennis Howlett, and I were treated to a briefing by Jeff Stiles of SAP yesterday. The subject was SAP’s Business ByDesign product line.

December 16, 2008 by

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Kudos for a good research approach

The Conference Board publishes an annual report, CEO Challenge, where hundreds of CEOs globally are quizzed as to their firm’s most pressing concerns.This summer, the Conference Board sent out its surveys but as they began to tabulate responses for their report, the stock market, financial firms, retail and other economic sectors began to retrench significantly.

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Would you lie to get your project funded?

83% of cost/benefit analysis supporting IT proposals is a fictionI was reviewing an academic manuscript, Managing the Realization of Business Benefits from IT Investments (published in (MIS Quarterly Executive, March 2007) by Professors Joe Peppard, John Ward and Elizabeth Daniel, when a footnote really caught my attention:This is not a new phenomenon.

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