Brian Sommer

Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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Re-booting Infor in 2013

Finally, we can have a new, different image of Infor. For two years, the company has been quietly re-tooling all of its product lines. It has re-thought cloud, user interface, and more to create a series of micro-vertical solutions. It's definitely a different Infor now.

February 23, 2013 by


New Jobvite products: Engage and Refer

Recruiting is tough especially the part where one must source job candidates. Jobvite's always good for a look into how the HR sourcing process can be turned on its ear. Their new Engage product takes CRM concepts and applies them to talent acquisition. It's kind of interesting.....

February 7, 2013 by


CEO Interview: Jason Blessing of Plex Software

Plex Online has been a success story in multi-tenant cloud ERP. After several recent investor changes and a capital infusion late last year, the company has a new CEO. This CEO, Jason Blessing, comes from a big enterprise software world and plans to grow the reach and customer size of Plex's business.

January 29, 2013 by


Common sense analytics - the analytics we need

Fake romantic relationships, bogus data in social media, etc. - how's an analytics user supposed to succeed with such problematic data? Some old-school common sense may be just what's needed in the world of analytics. Oh, and sometimes, the solutions can be a lot simpler than you think.

January 28, 2013 by


Technical hires shouldn't be the most difficult hires

Identifying job seekers with great technical talent shouldn't be a needle in a haystack problem. Yet, many HR tools treat technical positions the same as other jobs. HireVue has a new process that uses mobile devices, the cloud, video interviewing technology and more. Can it deliver better candidates cheaper?

January 25, 2013 by


Oracle to buy Eloqua – the Broader Implications

Many M&A deals present more opportunities (and challenges) than may first appear. Brian ran some of his thoughts about the strategic value of this deal with Eric Berridge, CEO of BlueWolf, a big cloud and CRM implementer. Here are their insights regarding this potential deal.

December 21, 2012 by