More HR Tech - Dovetail Software

More HR Tech - Dovetail Software

Summary: Dovetail takes a lot of the routine, redundant and time consuming work of HR away - it also makes HR more self-service.


Dovetail Software -  I met briefly with the CEO of Dovetail, Stephen Lynn. Dovetail describes its solution as an "HR Service Delivery Software" product. Aspects of their solution reminded me of knowledge management databases, portal technology, the Authoria solution of yore and a SharePoint environment for HR collaboration.

Dovetail essentially deals with the large numbers of information, process and other requests that bombard HR departments. They provide a structured way to deal with these requests or decisions. Paper information sources are automated. Errors and inconsistent application of policies or procedures are lessened. But, as important, HR personnel are relieved of a lot of the responsibility of researching and responding to zillions of these matters.

Beyond those obvious characteristics and benefits, the software collects all employee interaction and HRMS data into one place. Employees get their own personal dashboards and this promotes more self-service activity.

The product looks pretty good and has relatively clean way of displaying a lot of HR data. Subsequent releases will add capabilities for chat, mobile support, social media support and more.

The software is .Net based and appears to be a single-tenant SaaS product.

Dovetail is Austin, Texas based. So, I'll cop to my positive bias for any Texas software firm (as these give me an excuse to visit the family ranch).

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Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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  • RE: More HR Tech - Dovetail Software

    Brian, a brief discussion with Dovetail, but you did a great job of summarizing the benefits of our solution. Appreciate the write-up and kind words. Let me know when you trek down to the "ranch" and we'll show you a good time!
    Stephen Lynn