Halloween sites tricking users with malware

Halloween sites tricking users with malware

Summary: Update October 27: This morning I contacted the owner of listed sites. The sites were indeed hacked, and the owner has since removed the malicious code from the web pages.

TOPICS: Security

Update October 27: This morning I contacted the owner of listed sites. The sites were indeed hacked, and the owner has since removed the malicious code from the web pages.

This is a nasty trick! There are a few Halloween sites being used to distribute malware, right at the time when unsuspecting web users might be searching for Halloween sites for fun. Patrick Jordan, aka, Webhelper has posted the details here with a screenshot of the code with iframe links to a well known malware distribution site.

The sites to avoid are:

Halloweensites.net, nwnlostsouls.com, vampirekits.com, and on the same IP address, but not a Halloween site, sudokugameboard.com. Other on a different IP address, californiaparanormalsociety.com and heatherclark.info are also poisoned with the iframe links. The links go to the domain and IP whois information at domaintools.com.

It's not clear to me if these websites might be hacked, or if they are intended to push malware, but I suspect they are hacked sites, especially since one of them, vampirekits.com, has content for the hosting company, Webair.com. Before posting this, I contacted the support phone number for the hosting company, Webair.com, and spoke to a support person who would not give me his name. This person said he was unable to do anything and I should email their abuse reporting address or call back in the morning. Not cool! Earlier this week I contacted another ISP about a hacked site, and the tech support people had the site down in less than 30 minutes, and that was about 3:00 AM their local time.

Patrick Jordan also posted information about the group behind the malware distrubution site, and listed other sites in the same group. All should be avoided.

Topic: Security

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  • Motives

    You know, I have to wonder about hackers. Most of us like to use general terms to describe them. We use general terms to think of hackers as objects rather than people.

    Please note that I'm not approving of their methods or tactics. But I think it's fair to say that people often feel justified for their actions, even if the rest of us feel they're wrong. Spammers think they're protected by the 1st Amendment. The rest of us disagree.

    To make it personal imagine the hackers/spammers. What motivates them? Is it just money? Are they putting money away to send their kids to college or to give them braces to straighten their teeth out? Are they saving in a retirement plan? Do they have health benefits?

    It's hard for me to see spammers and hackers doing /having any of those things. It's far more convenient for me to think of them anonymously, as objects. Perhaps spammers/hackers are really a symptom of a much greater problem: lack of economic opportunity through legitimate means.

    If it's true, as they say, that the rich get richer as the poor get poorer, then perhaps we need to look at the cause rather than the symptom.

    Again, I say that I do not approve of their behavior. But at the same time, I do not condemn their behavior without examining my own behavior first.

    • That was well said

      I wonder the same thing as well what are they getting out of this. But it has become an annoyance to those of us who want to use the internet for business and general pleasure.

      I can't help think about everytime I go online to do banking and bill paying am exposing myself. I ensure that all of my virus programs are up to date and have put things in place to scramble my key logging, but does that really keep them at bay no.

      So if we examine our own behavior before condeming, what exactly are we looking for in ourselves to compare?

      Just a thought.
    • Ohhh! Boo Hoo!

      I'm about as concerned regarding their motives as I am regarding the motives of the corner crack dealer. In other words, I don't give a flying flip! Motives be da**ed! They're taking away our one absolutely finite resource, time. I only have so many minutes allotted to me in this world, and having them take (steal) my minutes for their own gain annoys me to no end.
      Dr. John
  • Hang dah Hackers

    I'm from the "old school' of computer technology when, let's see if you remember, computers (aka mainframes) were the size of storage containers in a shipyard. We had our ups & downs back then and even when laptops hit the market being the size of 'overnite bags'. However, what I have noticed over the years as technology began to grow in all directions, is this craving to do as much harm as possible. What these people gain from it, besides being capable of minute to total (sometimes irreversible) destruction, makes them a candidate for the 'cookie farm'. Bottom line is, what do they get out or from it. A self-imposed award??? They must have some VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS in the ATTIC which are quite 'normal' to whoever they are.
  • RE: Halloween sites tricking users with malware

  • RE: Halloween sites tricking users with malware

    Its not just on halloween that hackers release viruses, its every day and every second you surf the web, so use a firewall and be safe. Visit <a href="http://www.softe.org">my virus Spyware removal blog</a> for more info and help