The antispyware event of the season

The antispyware event of the season

Summary: You've probably heard by now that no longer lists programs that contain adware.

TOPICS: Security

CNET is hosting an antispyware workshop tomorrow, in San Francisco, and the attendee list includes some major names in this field. I'm lucky enough to be moderating the first panel of the day with independent researchers Ben Edelman and Eric Howes, CNET political correspondent Declan McCullagh, and EPIC's Chris Hoofnagle. During the workshop we'll discuss definitions of adware and spyware, legislation, Eula's and user consent, business models for both antispyware and adware, and the future of antispyware. Most of the major antispyware vendors will be there, including Ad-Aware maker Lavasoft, plus many well-known antispyware bloggers. It's going to be quite a day. I'll offer my thoughts later in the week about how the workshop went.

Topic: Security

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