WhenU make adware

WhenU make adware

Summary: One of the most difficult things to find out about spyware is what information it's sending out about you.

TOPICS: Security

Lavasoft is currently facing the wrath of Ad-Aware users due to the fact that it removed WhenU from its definition file. A recent conversation I had with PC-Tools, maker of Spyware Doctor, gave me some insight into how this happened. Antispyware companies use a test, or matrix, to determine if software qualifies as adware. If it meets certain criteria, it's adware.

Companies like WhenU are doing everything they can to not be labeled adware. WhenU managed to change the behavior of its software just enough so that Lavasoft took it off the definitions list. I haven't looked at WhenU lately, but if it still serves pop-up ads, in my book it's still adware and Ad-Aware should remove it.

Topic: Security

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  • Adware and Spybot Search and Destroy are old and Inferior

    I trialled many anti spyware programs foten simultaneously and then proceeded to deliberately install ad/spyware on my pc. Here is a good link if you want to run trials yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adware#Well-known_adware_programs.2Fprograms_distributed_with_adware
    I then ran each one to see which one detected the most threats to my system.
    Once upon a time running Lavasoft Adaware and Spybot search and destroy was sufficient. This is no longer the case.
    Many infections were simply invisible to both programs. I have found Spyware doctor to be immensely useful at removing ad/spyware and even some viruses!
    Here is a link for a free download:
    I have not found any ad/spyware that gets past this one yet and with frequent,daily auto backups I should hope none do.
    Also for the record whist trialling many of the big name antivirus softwares out there including Mcaffee, Panda, Norton, FSecure and many others, I have found Kaspersky internet security suite the most comprehensive and most secure antivirus software. You can find them at www.kaspersky.com. I hope this helps.

    Best Wishes

    Darren Starr