Your privacy is in bad hands

Your privacy is in bad hands

Summary: Showing its concern for our privacy and its own general competence, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appointed D. Reed Freeman, a Vice President of Claria, to its Privacy Advisory Committee.

TOPICS: Security

Showing its concern for our privacy and its own general competence, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appointed D. Reed Freeman, a Vice President of Claria, to its Privacy Advisory Committee. Did you catch my sarcasm in that first phrase? What bonehead federal official thought that a Vice President of the company formerly known as Gator would be a good candidate to advise the DHS on computer privacy? Oh yeah, it was Nuala O'Connor Kelly, the Chief Privacy Officer for DHS, who apparently doesn't have a clue about the nature of her job. According to his bio on Claria's site, D. Reed Freeman "is responsible for the company's compliance with Federal Trade Commission, state, and international regulatory requirements, and for working with key industry leaders, regulators, and legislators to develop a regulatory regime that fosters the responsible growth of the new and promising adware industry." The concept of a growing adware industry is going to keep me up nights. The fact of a Claria official, whose work involves figuring out just how far Claria can go in subverting privacy before it butts against federal and state laws, being appointed to a DHS committee makes me believe we are all doomed. If you are an appalled as I am, you can e-mail the department at, or give them a call at 202-772-9848. Although considering their take on privacy, I recommend you use a pay phone.

Topic: Security

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  • What else do you expect

    from an administration that handed out medals to a group of people that completely screwed up on intelligence and Iraq. Next think you know, Jerry Falwell will be the secretary of education.
    skeptic tank
    • I Heard Andrew Dice Clay Is Going To Be Surgeon General

      "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe..she had so many kids, her uterus fell out.....OOOOOOOOH!!!"

      LOL!! ;)
      • Message has been deleted.

        Jeff Spicoli
      • You are so wrong....

        He's going to be the Director of Housing and Urban Development.
        Hallowed are the Ori

    Crying and laughing at the same time . . .
    Roger Ramjet
  • More Government Bureaucracy Solution To Incompetence?

    Is the solution to government incompetence more government bureaucracy?

    My question applies to Homeland Security in its entirety and not just this particular function. How did our nation survive two World Wars without the Department of Homeland Security? Didn?t spy networks infiltrate America during both world conflicts and the Cold War? Yet somehow America survived.

    But if we give up our liberties for security: what have we secured!
    • deliberate "incompetence" in order to ramrod the "solution" through

      It is too obvious now that events are manipulated in order for these greedy bastards to force through their Nazi agenda. Not only did the globalists take part in the 9/11 attack, they ensured that all of America's defenses were temporarily neutralized so that the attack would succeed. Keep in mind that these are the very same people that claim they are protecting you: the ones that murdered your fellow citizens in the first place.
      The DHS is nothing but a terrorist organization, designed to continually whittle away Americans' rights until there is no freedom left. A right here and a right there will keep being taken away, until one day we will wake up and realize that we have no freedom anymore. And Americans will completely DESERVE it..because they are lazy, ignorant, obnoxious, arrogant, soft, meek, weak, sorry turds that think they should be free purely by virtue of their existence.
      Jeff Spicoli
      • It's not Nazism...

        it is communism.
        Patrick Jones
        • None are more hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are fr

          Americans will die under this quote.
          Jeff Spicoli
  • Who Sez Bushies Don't Have Sense of Humor?

    These are the same folks who put John Ashcroft -- a man who thinks calico cats are Satan's minions and who couldn't bear the sight of Blind Justice's bare breast -- to head the Justice Department. The same people who gave White House press credentials to a "reporter" linked to gay-escort web sites...while denying these same credentials to established journalists.

    Long story short: if you back Bush, anything goes. No doors are closed
  • Next thing you know...

    Homer Simpson will be named head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission!
  • Brilliant !!!

    ?and to complete the trifecta; let?s find someone like John Gotti to head the Organized Crime Taskforce and someone like Tommy Chong to head the DEA!!
    • They just announced Dahmer will be made national head of the boy scouts

      This administration is surely fighting for the freedoms of all peoples all over the universe.
      Jeff Spicoli
  • I Feel So Secure Now

    Since they put Hogan's Heros in charge of Homeland Security this is a find. I will sleep better at night knowing a virus author will have access to that secret database that will be uncrackable. :p Maybe the popup ads will say, if you wear your special sunglasses;

    War is Peace
    Bondage is Freedom
    Slavery is Liberation
  • O'Connor Kelly used to work for Doubleclick

    I guess you'd have to not know that O'Connor Kelly herself came from a company who was famously bad at respecting people's privacy to be surprised. She was privacy officer for well-known ad snoop & spammer Doubleclick before she was hired by the Administration.
  • How did Gator get on the panel? Simple...

    Gator probably bribed, er - I mean donated to, the officials in question. Our government has long since stopped being of/by/for the people and become of/by/for the mega-corporations.

    Between the Patriot Act, corporations buying off our elected officials, and ever more restrictive laws suppressing freedoms of expression and speech our country is sliding towards KGB soviet police state status.

    One day, possibly soon, we will wake up in a country we don't recognize anymore.
  • Old Policemen's Trick

    Maybe this is actually a very smart move?

    As old, senior, policemen used to say: "Set a thief to catch a thief"

    Or, as an even older piece of wisdom has it, this is a case of: "Poacher turned gamekeeper"

    Who is better qualified to catch a crook, than a former crook.

    There are some who will say: "A leopard can't change its spots", but come on; What about a little charity and forgiveness...

    No, come to think of it the nay-sayers are right - off with his head!
    Stephen Wheeler