Samsung's Flash based iPhone killer

Samsung's Flash based iPhone killer

Summary: Looks like Samsung has a great looking phone that is meant to take on the iPhone. It runs a Flash UI and has a full touch screen. It's a nice looking phone if the screenshots are true to life.

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Samsung Ultra Smart F700I just caught this on Tux:Tops, but it looks like Samsung is coming out with an iPhone killer that runs Flash as the user interface. Akihabara News in Korea has the main info as well as some beautiful screenshots.

The phone is the Samsung Ultra Smart F700 and it looks like it has a full touch screen along with a QWERTY keypad. The UI is all Flash and supposedly it has Full HTML Browsing. Not sure if it's running a flavor of Flash Lite, though I would assume it is. It looks like Engadget has some info but no mention of Flash. It makes me kind of pissed that I just spent money on a new phone.





Topic: Samsung

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  • Don't feel bad

    The slider means that the sucker has a very short life expectancy. From the looks of it, a purchaser is going to be paying enough to expect it to last a while.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • RE: Don't feel bad

      Heh, whoo :). I can enjoy my Motorola Q in peace then. Plus I have no idea when this thing is coming out.
  • Silly title

    How about we wait until the iPhone comes out before starting the ridiculous inevitable string of "iPhone killer" articles. And even then, how about using it for a phone that will actually compete with the iPhone when it comes out? Or did you not bother to read the "America is left squarely out of the equation" part?
    • Why not??

      People said Apple Leopard was a Vista Killer and neither were out at the time. People say the iPhone is a BlackBerry killer the we barely know the specs. This happens every day. Just because you are dying to get an iPhone does not mean the rest of us have to refrain from our usual comments. If you are gonna post here and read here often, get used to it buddy! :-)
      • RE: Why not??

        Yeah! What he said!!
    • RE: Silly title

      I'm not sure that means that it's NEVER going to be here in America, just not now. Besides, using the iPhone puts it in a familiar frame of reference.

      Oh, and people still like to read articles that mention the iPhone :)
    • NEVER say "Never"...

      Just because a phone is designed and is only to be sold in a particular area doesn't mean it can't be gotten in the US. Case in point - the Motorola A1200 was originally designed to be sold in Asia ONLY when it was announced in Dec 2005. By Dec 2006, it was the #2 hit on behind the black RAZR in the US. So what's Motorola doing about it? They're bringing it over to the US - proving that you can't keep a cool phone bottled up in one area.

      We live in a global market and where there's a will (read: a Market) there's a way (read: enterprising merchants willing to satisfy the demand.)

      Me: I'm happy with my A1200. It's still one cool phone and I should be happy with it for a long time to come.
  • Stop using that clich?!

    ZDNet always seems to use this stupid clich?: "The NEW Product X Killer!", "WOW PRODUCT Y WILL KILL PRODUCT X".

    Grow up, stop speculating before anything is out and stop using that damn clich?. I for one am so sick of it. But maybe its just me or I just need to remove ZDNet from my RSS feeds.
    • ZDnet.... becoming too biased

      Yep.... I am removing ZDNet from my RSS feed as well....
      Many of their articles have become too biased. I have seen amny articles intended for product or company X that ZDNet's bloggers have spent more time on this articles on product Y or company Y. Also.... is it just my imagination or has anybody noticed that ZDNet have more than a fair share of anti microsoft bloggers?
      • RE: ZDnet.... becoming too biased

        Too bias? I'm not sure I agree with lumping all of the ZDNet bloggers together. I try to be pretty even between Microsoft and Adobe, the two big companies I cover.
    • remove yourself from the feeds!

      ZDNET is a medis engine also. They will do no different than any other media outlet. Your unsubscription won't cause them to lose 1 single dollar! :-)
      • RE: remove yourself from the feeds!

        Heh, that's two in a row. Andrej, if you have a blog, I want the URL.
    • RE: Stop using that clich?!

      I think this is the first time I've used the cliche. Well, actually, I probably called "WPF/E" a Flash killer, but I've stopped doing that.
  • Mistaken identity

    A lot of commentators have picked up on touch-screen phones that are coming to
    market now, but that seems to be missing the point of what's really 'revolutionary'
    about the iPhone.

    1) The gestural, rather than 'point and touch' interface. Apple don't deserve credit
    for it - as with GUI systems other people have done them. But once again they're
    the first to bring it to a mass market system. There's going to be a lot of people
    deliberately trying to blur this issue - it's touch-screen, just like the iPhone. Much
    like people putting buttons in a click-wheel like shape on MP3 players.
    2) Speed. If this baby can do anything like the Coverflow iTunes browsing shown
    on the iPhone, I'm sold. But I strongly suspect most of the phone companies are
    3-5 years behind because they're dependent on third parties for operating
    systems (generally Symbian or Microsoft) - and FlashLite doesn't have the 10x
    speed improvements of Flash 9, plus runs on top of the phones OS.
    3) Network integration - Apple worked with Cingular into adding network support
    for some of the features on the phone (I'd imagine the visual voicemail and push
    email in particular need network support).

    All that said, I'm more likely to get something like this than an iPhone, and I really
    hope we'll see ideas from the iPhone percolate into the mobile market in general
    over the next 24 months. And I think Flash will increasingly be a vector for doing
    • RE: Mistaken identity

      Those are very good points Jules, and I hadn't thought about that. I think most people expect Apple to do touchscreen right, and making it more desirable for end users. Not sure if you can really copy that though when the phone isn't even out.

      I also think you're right about Flash. Core Animation is awesome, and if that's what is powering the UI of the iPhone, great, but Flash gives you that on devices that can't run Core Animation. It's a good way to build a nice interface.