Scrybe is Flash and it sets a new bar for web applications

Scrybe is Flash and it sets a new bar for web applications

Summary: Scrybe, the recently-buzzing startup has finally launched, and information is trickling out. It's using Flash, and its feature set is one that should make developers and users stand up and take notice. They've created a great Rich Internet Application and have helped set the bar for what user experience on the web can be.


ScrybeMarshall over on TechCrunch has the scoop that Scrybe, an organizer application that offers online/offline sychronization, launched today. Scrybe made waves as a result of a very viral video demoing the features. Since the demo hit the scene, bloggers and a lot of the people that I talk to in the Rich Internet Application space have been abuzz about how impressive the application looks and how groundbreaking it is (for a good sample, check out Scrybe's front page). I'm still waiting for an account, but if the YouTube demo is any indication, this is going to make a big splash and set a new bar for what people expect from web applications. It's also a great Rich Internet Application showcase.

As Marshall notes, somewhat humorously, Scrybe is done in Flash. Aside from the technology and the attention to detail, people across the blogosphere were struck by how great the application looked. People were enamored with the application because it was technologically revolutionary and it looked like a great user experience. Part of the reason it was able to achieve a great user experience is because it wasn't restricted by a browser.

The browser continues to be a gateway to the web, and it always will be. But Scrybe shows what's possible when you stop trying build applications based on HTML and JavaScript and really embrace Rich Internet Application technologies. Because it's based on Flash, Scrybe is usable by people on Windows, OSX and Linux meaning that it has all of the ubiquity of any other web application. But with RIAs, you can start from scratch making sure your application follows all of the usability rules that you think are important. You aren't restricted by the usability rules of the browser because you have a blank canvas. In the wrong hands, this can be dangerous. But when you give that power to an application like Scrybe, some great things happen.

People are starting to get it - Rich Internet Applications enable a new kind of experience for users. One that transcends both the web and the desktop by creating the next evolution. You don't want to have to worry about whether you are online or offline, you just want your data and you want to get to work. RIAs like Scrybe give you that functionality wrapped in a very sophisticated user experience. As a business, if you can give your users that kind of flexibility, you've already won half the battle.

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  • UI ripped from DateLens plugin

    Find the older DateLens Outlook plugin -- you'll see that iscrybe snatched its interface directly from it. It's still very cool though.

    DateLens was created by a prof and his students at some college a few years ago, and the prof got to show it to Bill Gates.
  • seen it before...

    I've seen that demo almost a year and half ago, but not from Scrype - it was from open laszlo. It looks like Scrype just copied open laszlo's public demo and added a few minor features to it. Check it out for yourself,
  • RE: Scrybe is Flash and it sets a new bar for web applications

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