Silverlight 1.1 tools available for Visual Studio 2008

Silverlight 1.1 tools available for Visual Studio 2008

Summary: Quick item that I'm sorry I missed. Microsoft released the Silverlight 1.


Silverlight 1.1 tools available for Visual Studio 2008Quick item that I'm sorry I missed. Microsoft released the Silverlight 1.1 Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008 so you can start building Silverlight apps with the shiny new Visual Studio. According to Don they aren't available for Visual Studio Express but it sounds like he's going to be doing some posts on how to do development with VS2008 Express and Silverlight.

Also according to Scott we'll be getting some info on the next public version of Silverlight 1.1 soon. It's been kind of radio silence on that front for a while as Microsoft released 1.0 but with Mix coming up next year, expect to see a lot more Silverlight 1.1 news flowing.

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  • Alpha product in VS???

    only M$ can crum an Alpha product in a paid product(VS)!
    More reasons to stick with OSS: free and superior.
    Linux Geek
    • Sorry chum...

      as much as I like taking Microsoft to task, your post is nothing but flamebait with no substance. If you look at OSS repositories, fully 75% of OSS projects never even make it out of alpha. For all the things Microsoft does wrong, developer tooks ain't one of 'em.
    • Linux users are mentally retarded

      It's a plugin you moron. Why don't you burn your latest precious Linux release to DVD, crawl up in a corner, get off on it and then die. Your life is basically worthless for anything else.
  • RE: Silverlight 1.1 tools available for Visual Studio 2008

    I think the idea that Microsoft left out Silverlight development in Visual Studio Express is a bad idea. Silverlight needs to be in the hands of as many developers as possible to kick start it and for it to be a success. I thought the point of the Visual Studio Express product was to get more Visual Studio developers who are hobbiest/students/new programmers. The developers that might be interested in free tools to hack around with.

    Adobe giving Flex Builder away to students and educators is a good example in this direction of broadening the user base in developing RIA on the Flash Platform. Too bad Microsoft didn't feel the same way with their Silverlight platform.
    • i'm pretty sure it won't be

      I'm pretty certain they'll have a Silverlight solution for Visual Studio Express. It would be unlike them not to. I was pretty annoyed by the fact that Silverlight development wasn't included in VS 2008 (except for this pretty lousy plugin) until I saw Ryan's post linking to the news about Silverlight 2.0 now it makes much more sense. Basically, Silverlight isn't even close to being ready. Which is good in a way, cause the current stuff wasn't all that usable. So it's good to see it'll have more parity with WPF and then the existing tools (including VS Express 2008 which does support WPF) will have an easier time working with Silverlight.