So long and thanks for all the fish

So long and thanks for all the fish

Summary: This will be my last post on ZDNet. Blogging here has been one of the most fun things I've been able to do in my career.

TOPICS: IT Employment

This will be my last post on ZDNet. Blogging here has been one of the most fun things I've been able to do in my career. In fact, basically everything started here. Almost all of the various connections I've made over the past couple of years are as a result of this blog. It's given me an unprecedented level of access to all of the smartest people in the RIA world. And it's been a crazy ride. We've seen RIA go from something of a niche to a core part of the web. Almost every company has come up with some kind of RIA story including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sun, and of course Adobe. The mindshare and ecosystem of RIAs has never been stronger and more diverse.

And that's part of the reason why I'm giving up the blog. As RIAs have hit the main stream smaller niches have developed within the RIA space and the major technologies are being covered by the prominent bloggers and press. That's been great for more coverage of RIAs and it also means that I'm busier than ever with my day job for Adobe. I haven't had time in the past couple of months to do the blog justice and I hope RIAs get even bigger taking up more and more time.

I want to say thanks to all of you who made my particular road possible while I've had this blog. Thanks for the comments, the information, the support, the criticisms, and the demos you've given me. You'll be able to find me on my personal blog, DigitalBackcountry (it'll be generally Adobe-centric) and if you want to hear my take on RIAs you can catch me on RIA Weekly every week. I may also be popping up on BTL every once in a while.

To get your RIA fix I suggest Mary Jo Foley for Microsoft and Ed Burnette for JavaFX on the ZDNet side. Tim Anderson probably does the best job of covering all of the technologies together. My RIA Weekly co-host, Coté, has a great slant on things. Jeffrey Hammond is a fantastic analyst who knows the ins and outs of the RIA business. With those links you should be covered on all things RIA.

Thanks again for everything.

Topic: IT Employment

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  • Good Luck!

    Good luck with your career Ryan. Your blog has been fun - particularly in the early years. Now browser apps are continuing to become progressively richer, and desktop apps are almost all becoming Internet connected. It's kind of nice when people start taking for granted, the concepts you helped pitch early on. Again, good luck!
    P. Douglas
  • RE: So long and thanks for all the fish

    Hey Ryan - nothing like a Douglas Adams reference to end
    on a high note. :) Thanks for all the good articles, and keep
    up the great work at Adobe.

  • RE: So long and thanks for all the fish

    You've done a great job of "rising the tide" of discussion around RIAs. Your writings here will be missed.
    Michael S. Scherotter
  • Thank you!


    Thank you for all those years of great reading mateRIAl.
    I will miss it.

    Zohar Ganon
  • See you at the resturant at the end of the Universe.

    Good luck, and farewell.
    General C#
  • A loss for ZDNet

    Good Luck Ryan!

  • The Universal Desktop is Out

    Hopefully ZDNet will be able to help close the void
    Ryan leaves, and rather than empowering pissing
    contests on what platform is better at it, we could
    get true insight to the world of RIA, which now more
    than ever before, this game is truly getting

    Good luck buddy and keep up the great work at Adobe ;-
  • RE: So long and thanks for all the fish

    It's been fun, Ryan. I've enjoyed your posts over the years - you were one of the pioneers in this space with some insightful posts that go back to the earliest days of RIA development. I'll miss this blog.

    Good luck for the future!

    Tim Sneath
    Director of Client Platform Evangelism
    Microsoft Corp.
  • No, no, thank YOU for all the fish!

    It has been a great blog. Your reasons totally make sense and I'm glad that you still have your DigitalBackcountry blog. Best of luck!
  • Thanks!

    I'll pile on here with another thanks for the coverage you did here. Clearly, I followed it close enough and thought enough of it. I'm glad we'll still have our weekly show ;)