VeohTV - The killer desktop application for video?

VeohTV - The killer desktop application for video?

Summary: Veoh announced VeohTV today (TechCrunch coverage) and I got a chance to check out the briefing and get a tour of the service.

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VeohTV - The killer desktop application for video?Veoh announced VeohTV today (TechCrunch coverage) and I got a chance to check out the briefing and get a tour of the service. The new application is a downloadable player that aims to take the web video experience full screen and has a bunch of features including:

  • Searching Veoh and other popular video sites
  • Adding your own video RSS feeds
  • The ability to download web videos onto your hard drive Tivo-style
  • Organizing and tagging features from within the desktop app
  • A BitTorrent downloader

This is definitely a shot at Joost, but Veoh has a bit more freedom than Joost has. Whereas Joost limits you to channels that they've set up, with VeohTV, the entire web can become a channel. In the demo that I saw, VeohTV went out to Fox's video site and grabbed video to stream directly onto the TV. The interface is all controlled using a remote, so this is meant to be something of a media center application - all powered by web video.

Veoh and yourminisAnother cool tie in was the partnership with yourminis. There is an Interact tab in the interface that lets you shrink the movie and see information about it. This section includes tabs from Yourminis that are dynamically pulling content based on what you're watching. If you're watching a video about Mummies, the yourminis widgets will go out and grab content about mummies. So you'll have the widget show mummy content and the widget will get books about mummys. It's an interesting use of the widget platform and it's all built into the VeohTV desktop.

The download is currently only available for Windows but a Mac version is coming. I should have some beta invites this week so if you're interested in checking it out, leave me a comment. I really like what they've done and think it's a great example of the continued blend of web apps and desktop apps.

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Topics: Hardware, Browser

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  • looks awesome

    if it embeds Yourminis, i assume it is made of flash... does it mean that it is an AIR application ?

    have you checked BabelGum... I installed it and it is really impressive (but it seems that veoh hase a much more comprehensive feature set)

    PS : i'm interested in an invite :p
  • Would love an Invite

    Dieing to check VeohTV out.. Would love an invite when you get a chance.
  • would love to get an invitation

    can u plz send me inviation to idofrido (at)

  • Would like an invite

    Hi Ryan, if u get a chance please send me an invite :) Cheers!
  • Invite Please

    This seems like the perfect app for my wife and I. Please send an invite to us
  • RE: VeohTV - The killer desktop application for video?

    i would love an invite please!

    thanks in advance!