Apple's cookie monster: Safari CRS

Apple's cookie monster: Safari CRS

Summary: Apple rushed the latest version of OS X to market because of Steve Job's promise to the Mac faithful. And we've been paying for it ever since.


Apple rushed the latest version of OS X to market because of Steve Job's promise to the Mac faithful. And we've been paying for it ever since. 10.5.2 is almost up to Apple's traditional quality. My last serious peeve: the Safari CRS (Can't Remember . . . um-m, Stuff) bug.

Cookies: love 'em, hate 'em - the good outweighs the bad Back in my command line OS days, like CP/M and VAX/VMS, a little storage went a long way. Hit the up arrow key and your last command line came back, ready to correct. Bliss!

Now of course we take little helper storage for granted. Email that offers up addresses after you've typed a few letters. Applications that remember recent documents and preferences. And browser cookies - little files that remember web site registrations and passwords. (Cookies have less savory uses as well, but that's not today's topic.)

Leopard, the almost-ready-for-prime-time OS I surf a lot of sites everyday, many that require registration. Normally not a problem: I've registered and the cookies handle the sign-in. But ever since I installed Mac OS 10.5 - Leopard - Safari has regularly forgotten some or all of my cookies, forcing me to login again to sites whose registration details I've long since forgotten.

I want my computer to remember this stuff! And the irritating thing is that it used to!

It isn't just me I checked the Apple support discussion group for Safari. Sure enough, other people report the same problem - starting almost 4 months ago - just days after the 10.5.0 release.

A bug report was filed months ago. Still no fix. Now, after 2 more dot releases, the problem persists. 10.5.3 anyone? Sigh.

The Storage Bits take This isn't just about Apple. This is about the industy's myopia about data storage. The value in our systems is the data.

Not big, colorful displays. Not fast, multi-core processors. Not even our 1 terabyte disks. They're all Good Stuff. But its the data - our data - that makes our system ours.

That's what makes me crazy about flaky disks, buggy file systems, rickety RAIDs and cranky backup software. They're core to why people buy computers. And the industry can't be bothered to create really solid data storage systems.

The irony is that the better our systems get, the more we rely on them. And the more we rely on them the more damaging it is when they fail.

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  • Good ideas are squashed by the big boys

    A few years ago there was a great company called Mirra. I heard people rave about Mirra backup systems. Then one day Seagate snatched them up. They were quickly buried into the corporate depths and never seen again. Seagate has no plans for a Mirra replacement. What a shame.
    • Good ideas are squashed by the big boys

      Seagate and many other companies learned this lesson very well from Microsoft! If you can't beat them squish them like a bug!
  • Is there a logic behind this?

    If as you claim this is a trend in the entire industry then why for? How does this make
    any sense? It would seem to be something that would go against the industry not be
    a positive and yet they don't do anything about it? What gives? What is the mind set
    or the tactic here?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • The following will help you understand

      Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetence.
    • Cynical answer

      The cynic in me would say that Apple can get away with it because Apple fans will buy anything from Apple, no questions asked, and tout it as the Greatest Thing regardless of any shortcomings (they would say perceived shortcomings). After all, if Apple didn't put it in, it isn't needed, right? It spreads because other companies just follow Apple's lead (as anti-MS forces are alway claiming).

      Of course, I'm not that cynical. :)

      Carl Rapson
    • logic behind this?

  • quite honestly

    when you sell software, which Apple has long claimed they don't really do, there will be mistakes. There will be decisions to release said software perhaps before it's ready. Maybe this is not acceptable practice but it's pretty much industry standard. In fact, end users are the ones who really find the bugs no amount of testing could ever find. An OS has to get out there and into use at some point. <br><br>
    While Vista is obviously the target of most blogs and the vast majority of people that use said blogs, it's obviously not limited in any way to Vista, as much as many would like it to be. But that's pure spin and in many cases an outright campaign against said OS. Apple has had a lot of problems with Leopard but somehow I don't think that fact has bubbled out into the mainstream the way it has for Vista. Microsoft hating is a reality and fair or not, that's just the way it is. <br>
    Too bad we could not look at these systems and learn from each other's mistakes in a constructive way. Microsoft has things to learn from Apple and Apple certainly has many things to learn from Microsoft. It used to be that way and Microsoft and Apple shared technology and basically had no compete contracts. Microsoft has supplied core technologies for Apple all along the way, in some cases providing their OS with the only applications and customer draw it had for many. Who wants a machine that doesn't have an Office pack, or somekind of programming environment, as a few examples. <br><br>
    Since Steve Jobs came back to Apple things have turned rather nasty from the Apple side and suddenly they are set to stop Vista adoption in any way they can, becoming an ally with open source and Google in the process. Meanwhile, Microsoft has said nothing about OSX but for praise actually. So in this new era, i guess we'll just have to live with the bickering and the back and forth and who's OS is better games. I do think Apple has a very good engineering department and they do have superior designs for the hardware side of things. In some cases, however, they do put form before function which as led to unstable designs and heat related problems. <br>
    On the other side of the equasion, Microsoft has provided the best software all along the way and that continues to be true. Many will argue Leopard is "better" than Vista but by what metrics? Speed? nope. Security? nope, not at the technical level. (Nobody can predict where hackers will aim but it's not too hard to guess). Looks? Nope. I guess their abstraction of everything is the draw but i'd rather have the additional control than to have everything abstracted away entirely. Overly abstracted systems, specific purpose systems as it were, are not desirable as an all around system for the large majority. OS X is moving in Window's direction with the move from their "superior" platform to join Windows and Linux and becoming a little more developer friendly in some ways. But it's new to the Apple line and they have a lot to learn from Microsoft, as they have since the beginning, on the software side and perhaps the PC OEMs have something to learn from Apple. <br><br>
    Somewhat surprisingly, Apple hardware is becoming a growing segment for Microsoft and Windows sales. Over time I expect Apple could move ahead of it's current place in terms of Microsoft OEMs.
    • Xunil-z Obama?................................ NOT!

      Wordy... sure.

      Eloquent not so much.

      Way too much of the faint praise followed by the SLAP style. It's OK once in a while
      to get a dig in but if you over use it...... it looses it's punch. Excessive use of this
      tactic also tends to reveal an overt shall we say LEANING or preference. Still I don't
      think most readers would be surprised by this "ahem" leaning now would they...:P

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Even in your remarks

        you try to tell people what they were going for, or should have. Eloquent was never my aim, and certainly ironic for you to bring up anything about eloquent writing. <br>
        You blurt out allegiance every post you make, there is no room for doubt with you. <br>
        I was being honest in how things have evolved and as i see them.
        You are all Apple, no substance. You argue from your own perceptions and never with any amount of actual knowledge of the matter or real insight. You are funny every time though, i do love that about you. I've not seen another person here defend everything about Apple that comes along like you do.
        Nice work. :P
        • Honest is not true especially if it comes from YOUR

          perspective:) Or anyone's for that matter. However your "bizzaro" history lesson
          would have been more meaning full if you had stated that it was a historical
          rendition from your unique perspective at the start.

          Sort of like that director who comes out with sort of history based movies like JFK
          and such. You know SOME of it is true to a point but.......

          You are correct about one things Leopard is getting much better press than Vista
          over all. That is way cool by me.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
          • So now you call me a liar.

            Sorry it didn't meet your stringent requirements of making Apple seem golden. I mean you don't see how laughable it is for you to point out someone's leanings? You really don't see that?
            you grow funnier by the day. You need a red nose and floppy shoes to match! :P
          • Nope I think you really mean what you say... sad

            but I do think that you are not lying just looking through history with your MS colored

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • LOL!!

            Mr. "I gladly bend over for Jobs" is telling me I have "ms colored glasses". What a clown. <br>
            And you still havn't a clue to rebut anything i said, which is the most telling. You couldn't even tell what was pro Apple and what wasn't. <br>
            Your MO is cheerlead for Apple and play dumb otherwise. <br>
            Oh, that's not playing is it. sorry, my bad. <br>
            Again, I hope you have the nose and floppy shoes to match. :P
          • What you did not read my response below?

            One that was posted well before your reply here? There you go again flinging the
            insults "My feeling!!!!" Oh no you missed.... whew! Still it wasn't much of a post. You
            threw insults and claimed that I had not responded to a request that I well did
            respond to and was posted well before you made the claim. Man!

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • I saw this one first. Now

            unless xdnet starts to date AND time stamp these posts, i guess i can only take your word. <br>
            I'm sure you read all posts to determine correct chronological order (you are, afterall, perfect, based on your assertions and comments over time) and only answer in said manner, but i don't have as much flippin free time as you man. :P
          • Start supporting Mac's you'll have plenty...:P

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • Nah,...i'm content

            on the software and business side. I've kind of got myself wrapped up on healthcare so that is where I believe i'll stay. <br>
            Retirement is a long way off, so i can't guarantee that statement, but i've grown to like it. The culture is very different than private enterprise. It's very straight laced and many policies and procedures to follow, but the work is good. The outcome of said can be very fullfilling. <br><br>
            I'm not convinced OSX is an OS that is ready for prime time though. Just not convinced it has the services required and i'm concerned about the age of the system.
          • Not convinced OS X is ready for primetime?

            OSX = UNIX. Not ready for prime time? UNIX?

            think about it.
          • Healthcare that figures....

            I'm thinking of starting a blog to entice all people without health insurance and are
            told for reasons of PROFIT ie the Healthcare system that they will die. Not because
            their disease can't be treated it can. Not because they commited a crime they did
            not. not the only reason they are going to die is for lack of money or for more
            PROFIT for healthcare. I think out of a growing number of uninsured or
            underinsured perhaps becoming active in an home grown terrorist group would be
            interesting. Imagine if you were told your child were to die because of money?
            Imagine if you yourself were told that? Hey death is death right? Why not strap on
            an explosive device and walk into some healthcare facility and point out how
            unexceptable you find this situation? The choice is simple in the richest more
            powerful nation the world has even known either except that you must die quietly
            at home for the comfort of people like Xunil-z who have a nice job and look
            forward to a comfortable retirement or perhaps make a loud statement that this is
            not going to stand. The ending is the same either way for people like us.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • Ok, that was just totally and utterly

            tasteless. I thought you had more intelligence than that. <br>
            And trust me, knowing your issues you should feel lucky man. YOu have no clue my friend. NONE. <br>
            People like me with a good job. HA. I was born into a low income blue collar family with nothing. I had nothing but what i worked for since i was a kid with a paperroute. I put myself through college, 100% of it, no handouts, no help here and there and i worked my a** off to get where i am today, so you can shove that BS up your A**. <br><br>
            NEVER means NEVER. <br><br>
            Go wave your flag at someone else more fortunate than me and cry to them.