Belkin updates Thunderbolt Express Dock with trio of USB 3.0 ports

Belkin updates Thunderbolt Express Dock with trio of USB 3.0 ports

Summary: From Thunderbolt to USB 3.0, there's no shortage of inputs in Belkin's latest dock.

TOPICS: Mobility

Belkin is moving to erase the Thunderbolt-USB 3.0 divide with its Thunderbolt Express Dock.

In addition to a pair of Thunderbolt ports, the device adds a trio of USB 3.0 inputs - not to mention a plethora of other inputs: FireWire 800, eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet, a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, as well as audio in and out.

The device works with both PC and Mac computers, though it's clearly targeted more strongly at owners of the latter.

All told, the device is pretty compelling, but, sadly, not entirely cheap. Belkin is asking $400 for the thing, which seems a bit lofty given that the device is just a dock. Something along the lines of $200 would be a bit easier to swallow.

Alongside the device Belkin also announced a shorter, three-foot Thunderbolt cable that runs for $45.

The Thunderbolt Express Dock will be available in September.

Topic: Mobility

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  • 15$ a foot for a cable ???

    That'll be a mainstream item overnight
    • That's the price you pay for active cables. [nt]

  • Belkin pricing

    I suggest that Belkin needs to go look into the equations for maxima/ minima determinations to calculate their pricing schema. I would gladly pay 200 dollars for this nice hub but 400 way on mother earth and I suspect this will the case for thousands. I will wait for OWC to make one perhaps less elegant but sufficient. After all it is going to sell now only to a few editors of video and not to mainstream laptop or iMac users this way. I expect that in 2013 Apple will change the specs on the 27 inch screen to include USB 3 and it will be game over for this hub which is about half the price of that beautiful screen and if that is made USB 3 it will be a nombrainrer.
    Neil Fiertel