Drobo previews its upcoming Thunderbolt storage at Computex

Drobo previews its upcoming Thunderbolt storage at Computex

Summary: Drobo is showing off its Thunderbolt offerings at Computex this week, though details on the new devices are scant so far.

TOPICS: Mobility

Drobo has been relatively quiet on the Thunderbolt front, but it's finally changing that this week.

The company is showing off its first Thunderbolt-powered arrays at Computex in Taiwan. The Verge has some images, which show a pretty small, nice-looking device with room for two pairs of drives. Drobo says its targting the device, which is unnamed so far, for a mid-summer release.

"Stay tuned, and start counting – it may be closer than you think!" Drobo CEO Tom Buiocchi said in a painfully vague blog post on Monday.

With Thunderbolt, Drobo's devices will see higher connectivity speeds and SSD-support alongside Drobo's expected expandability.

Drobo also has some other announcements to make, though the company says that those are coming later this month. In addition to the Computex previews, the company will also be showing off the new devices at Adobe Creative Suite 6 Roadshow events this month.

Check out The Verge for more images of the drives.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Pointless?

    Thunderbolt is amazing, however, from experience, Drobos are very, very slow.

    I have two of them and neither can get more than 30 MB per second on FW800. It can't even reach the speed of FW400.

    And that 30 MB/s is only when a single read or write operation is going on. If two applications try to access a drobo at the same time, reading or writing more than one file at the same time, then the array's speed drop to a pathetic 90s speed of around 7 MB/s.

    Drobos, reliable, but pathetically slow these days. Hopefully these thunderbolt ones include some beefy processors so that they can perform well on such a blazingly fast bus.

    Well, Drobos use 1Gb Ethernet... that is one of the limiting factors, I would think with the small form factor and Thunderbolt port this will be less complex than their other products and should get a speed boost. Thunderbolt is also more robust for multiple reads and writes.