The $17.5 million hard drive

The $17.5 million hard drive

Summary: Some employers think they own you when all they're doing is renting your time. It cost 1 company $17.


Some employers think they own you when all they're doing is renting your time. It cost 1 company $17.5 million to learn that stealing an employee's hard drive is really, really stupid.

It's about time.

Wha' happened? An RV sales manager was hired by an RV manufacturer Forest River, told he was going to get a big raise "later," and when he realized "later" meant "never" started looking for a new job.

The cheapskate company didn't even provide a notebook, so the guy used his own to build an 11 state sales network, as well as software for tracking sales. When the company Prez got wind that the guy was looking - and before firing him - the Prez stole his notebook, took the hard drive and erased all the files.

The Prez thought the sales manager was going to steal company secrets and figured that was all the justification he needed. He figured wrong.

In the meantime the RV builder got bought by the v deep-pocketed Berkshire Hathaway holding company for legendary investor Warren Buffet.

Wha' happened then? The sales manager was a believable witness - despite popular prejudice, most good salesmen are believable - and the jury awarded him his lost sales commissions, $7 million in punitive damages against the RV company and $8 million in punitive damages against the RV company president and founder.


The Storage Bits take Most companies aren't as stupid and cheap as Forest River was. They'll buy the notebook you use and have you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

When you use a company computer you have NO privacy and NO right to the personal data you store on it. Whether you think your job is secure or not, back up your personal data including pictures, contacts and emails.

Comments welcome, of course. Learn more about this case and employee rights generally at Ellen Simon's Employee Rights Post blog.

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  • Here's hoping positive reinforcement works

    Thanks for the interesting read.

    Here is a thumbs up to give you some positive reinforcement. Hopefully it will help keep you on topic in the future! Keep up the good work.

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    • The thief (prez) should have been arrested, too.

      Any normal person who stole somebody's laptop would be sitting behind bars. A rich company president gets a "fine." Welcome to America. *sigh*
      • Prez behind bars?

        You've got to be kidding! With prison budgets and full jails he might get finger printed and fined but that would be all. I had a guy steal my car, 1965 Mustang, and the judge gave him the harshest sentence he could - 10 days and restitution of which I think I got 1 check and that was from the bail money he had posted. Theft of a laptop? They aren't going to do anything, unless, as here, you sue the dummy.
      • Are you kidding

        If this yahoo (no offense to Yahoo) was an executive of the company, and I bet he was (prez ... go figure) then he would spend the company into the ground and probably buy some justice. That is justice taylored just for him. I can't believe this is over ... this guy will never get paid!
      • Sounds like this was a civil suit not a criminal case

        I'm not an expert, (but I watch Law and Order on TV ;) ) but a stolen laptop is about a $1000 to $2000 larceny and not going to result in a big jail sentence.

        It sounds like the salesman got his justice by bringing a civil suit and suing for damages.
  • RE: The $17.5 million hard drive

    I think that 7 million plus 8 million are 15 million not 17.5 million
    • I think that 7 million plus 8 million are 15 million not 17.5 million

      That must mean his commision was 1.5 millon.....
      • You need a new calculator

        Uh a commission of 1.5 million added to 15 million would be.....<wait for it> ...16.5 million!! And I did that in my head. Buddy, you and the author need a new calculator (or a new spreadsheet). I learned math the old way......can you even add 3 and 19 without the help of a mechanical or electrical device? (Hint, the sum is more than your fingers and toes, unless you are a mutant.)
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          Subtract or add bits as required if you have too many or not enough digits, mutants! My niece has only four toes on each foot, so she wouldn't be able to count as high as most people. It doesn't seem to affect her smartness though.
          • Re: Bits!

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            one digit :-( This is going to take a lot of practice. A woodie is an extra
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          • New Math

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