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RIM adds non-GPS location service to BlackBerry Locate

Research In Motion (RIM) announced on Monday that it has updated its Locate Service with a Geolocation feature which allows for non-GPS based location queries.The addition of Geolocation will allow developers to build apps that rely on knowing a BlackBerry users location in areas of little or no GPS coverage.

July 20, 2010 by Ben Woods


Gartner: Nokia needs a European Steve Jobs

Nokia is on the lookout for a replacement for current chief executive, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, according to an online report posted today.The report, published in the Wall Street Journal Online, cites "people familiar with the matter" as the source of the information and suggests that it is Nokia's failure to make an impact on the smartphone market that is behind the Finnish company's search for a new CEO.

July 20, 2010 by Ben Woods


iPhone controlled AR Drone headed to the UK

Parrot, creators of the carbon fibre and plastic constructed AR Drone, has let slip thatthe iPhone-controlled quadricopter is headed to the UK later in the year priced at £299.The drone, which was demoed at CES in Las Vegas in January this year, has four rotors and can be controlled by an iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad by using Wi-Fi technology to link the control device to the drone.

July 19, 2010 by Ben Woods


Firefox Home provides one-way browser syncing for iPhone

Mozilla has launched Firefox Home, a new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows Apple users to sync their Firefox data from desktop machines.The new app, launched on Thursday, allows iPhone and iPod Touch owners to one-way sync their Firefox bookmarks, history and open tabs from the desktop counterpart, allowing seamless transition between devices.

July 16, 2010 by Ben Woods


Google Fiber for Communities website goes live

Google has announced on its blog that the website for its Fiber for Communities project is now live, bringing the ambitious high-speed internet project one step closer to reality.The Google Fiber for Communities project was first announced in February 2010 with the remit of building ultra-high speed broadband fibre-to-the-home networks with a connection speed of one gigabit per second, which it says is 100 times faster than most US connections currently.

July 14, 2010 by Ben Woods


Energy saving USB controlled 4-way power strip announced

A new power strip called PowerUSB will be headed to the US in August, enabling users to automate the powering on-and-off of connected devices from the mains; thereby saving electricity.As well as housing four universal plug sockets, the PowerUSB also has a USB cable to connect to your computer, which allows the user to cut mains power to connected peripherals with the click of a button by using the software provided.

July 13, 2010 by Ben Woods

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T-Mobile finally unveils iPhone 4 pricing

T-Mobile has finally announced its pricing structure for the beleaguered iPhone 4.Customers of the Deutsche Telekom-owned network will be able to pick up Apple's newest handset on 24-month contracts starting from £25 per month.

July 9, 2010 by Ben Woods


ISP wins right to restrict P2P defendant lookups to 28

An appeal from Time Warner Cable to limit the number of requests that P2P plaintiffs can make for the personal details of accused file sharers was upheld by US District Judge Rosemary Collyer.Judge Collyer is currently overseeing two group action cases in the US, known as the 'Far Cry' and 'Steam Experiment' cases, in which thousands of defendants have been accused of illegal file sharing.

July 9, 2010 by Ben Woods


iPhone 4 proximity sensor glitch surfaces

Some early adopters of the Apple iPhone 4 are reporting proximity sensor issues that have led to unintended button presses as the screen switches on-and-off mid-call.The glitch, according to a post on Apple's own support forum, revolves around an overly sensitive (or miscalibrated) proximity sensor that incorrectly identifies when the handset is being held to a users' face.

July 6, 2010 by Ben Woods