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Suzanne Tindal heads up a team of keen ZDNetters, including journalists Luke Hopewell, Josh Taylor and Michael Lee. You can follow them all on Twitter: @engochick, @joshgnosis, @lukehopewell, @mukimu. Happy listening!

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Calls dropped, Wikileaks rallies, jobs cut

This week on Technolatte we talk about Vodafone's network issues, Wikileaks protests and how server support personnel should be thinking about where they will go if their jobs are sacrificed to the cloud phenomenon.

December 9, 2010 by ZDNet Australia Staff


Went to Gartner. All I got was this podcast

Tune in this week for a Gartner Symposium once over, the latest news on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a run down on the NBN mess in parliament and Ian Reinecke's recommendations for the government's Gershon review implementation.

November 18, 2010 by ZDNet Australia Staff


TV, trademarks and stupid customers

Will the CSIRO steal Telstra and Optus' LTE spectrum? Does Optus have a bottomless pocket when it comes to paying for legal fees? Has Google lost its mojo with the departure of Lars Rasmussen and Kate Vale?

November 4, 2010 by ZDNet Australia Staff

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A penguin head in Apple's bed

Is the NSW the premier state for hackers? What tasty tech goes into your Tim Tams? What does the telco reform Bill mean and MacBook Air: why do we care?

October 21, 2010 by ZDNet Australia Staff


Is Gail Kelly trying to outdo Lady Gaga?

Is Windows Phone 7 all that? Has the NBN debate progressed this week or has everyone just been talking smack? Is Westpac CEO Gail Kelly upgrading the bank's IT just to beat out Lady Gaga on the Forbes most influential women list?

October 14, 2010 by ZDNet Australia Staff