Get a clue Morocco

Get a clue Morocco

Summary: Do you ever get the feeling that the people around you are missing out on a major shift in the way the world works? Try explaining lolcats to your grandfather for instance.


Do you ever get the feeling that the people around you are missing out on a major shift in the way the world works? Try explaining lolcats to your grandfather for instance. I feel sorry for the powers that be in Morocco who have sentenced Fouad Mourtada, a guy with a clue, to three years in jail for spoofing a Facebook site for a member of their so-called royalty.

I feel sorry for the backward thinking elements of the world as we enter an accelerated phase of how humans communicate and works. Let Fouad go. Hire him to instill cluefulness in your government.

What's next? Arresting somebody for Leroy Jenkins syndrome?

I am compiling a top ten list of government stupidity when it comes to the Internet. This qualifies.

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  • It's illegal...

    it's illegal to impersonate the royal family in Morocco. and when you do something illegal in any country, you get prosecuted for it. simple as that. the law may seem stupid, but we are not discussing that now.
    • That's pretty much the way I look at it

      It's illegal just about everywhere to impersonate government officials (and should be), so I can't really complain if countries like Morocco (or the UK, for that matter) prohibit the impersonation of royals.

      The fact that many people view monarchy as wholly illegitimate is really beside the point, as we're dealing with what is, not necessarily what should be.
      John L. Ries
    • Impersonate


      Impersonate means you use a false identity. On Facebokk there are no identity just profile.

      Take this picture :

      When I enter a bakery and I say : Hello I'm Georges Bush and I want some bread. There is no reason any justice to put me in jail.

      When I try to enter a country with false ID papers at the name of Georges Bush, police have the rigth to take me to the court in any country.

      Facebook is like the bakery.

      There is no law who say that the facebook profile is your identity. You can't go to jail because you have create a profile.
      Gilles Misrahi
  • RE: Get a clue Morocco

    The sentence is certainly huge, but Moroccan law does not allow impersonation, be it on the Web! For the irony, he'll get out of jail by Royal grace.
  • RE: Get a clue Morocco

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  • RE: Get a clue Morocco

    You hit the nail on the head. By imprisoning people like Fouad, Morocco is ensuring it stays in an eddy in world history. Encourage Morocco to see beyond its leaders' egos & Facebook to take a stand.
  • RE: Get a clue Morocco

    Dear Me. Stiennon,

    As a moroccan, I'd like to tell you thzt we're not stupid, we're just ruled by stupid people.

    Friendly from Morocco
    a kingdom where development fears to thread...
  • RE: Get a clue Morocco

    "What???s next?" Good question.
    Well, Daoud Ahid, a militant of the Amazigh Movement was arrested in Imteghren (Errachidia - Look how the stupid goverment changed an authentic Amazigh name of a city from Imteghren to an Arabic name which is at the same that of the prince Rachid) on 02/28/08 by the monarch police. Daoud Ahid was arrested because he's one of those braves fighting peacefully for freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rights of the Amazigh people in Morocco. The goverment has been trying for over 50 years to assimilate and arabitize the Amazigh people by force, and extinguish their civilization.