More hacktivism against blogs

More hacktivism against blogs

Summary: Is no one safe?  It appears that hacktivists are exercising their ire against bloggers now.

TOPICS: Networking

Is no one safe?  It appears that hacktivists are exercising their ire against bloggers now. Good luck to them. There are a lot more bloggers than extremist hackers.  From the article:


"Australian Darren Rowse confirmed that an outage Monday on his ProBlogger weblog was caused by a DDoS.."


"An earlier series of attacks targeted theblog of Michelle Malkin, who led a movement among bloggers to mirror the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that initially appeared in a Danish magazine."


Everyone who values their publishing platform should start to investigate defenses now rather than after becoming a victim. Things you can do:

1. Host on a robust platform with up to date patches.

2. Have redundant load balanced servers.

3. Negotiate higher burstable bandwidth from your ISP/hosting provider. 

4. Invest in DDoS defenses. TopLayer and Arbor Networks are two possibilities. Prolexic offers a managed service.

5. Use a web application firewall.  


Just don't be surprised when your web operations are disrupted by fanatics or crooks.  


Topic: Networking

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  • Speaking of DDoS

    There is an article in the WSJ today about a new ponzi scheme involving websites and viewing ads. I am going to dig into it more and blog it soon. But the interesting thing is the payment processor for many of these sites was the won that was getting hit my a clever DNS DDoS last week
  • Blocking DDoS

    Unless you are co-located which most bloggers are not the best
    method to stop DDoS is to ask your Hosting provider to do it for
    you. They can filter out the bad traffic and allow your website to
    stay up under attack. Companies like Netzentry allow Hosting
    providers to support filtering and protection down to individual
    Cameron Sturgess
    • Thanks for the lead

      Thanks for pointing out NetZentry Cameron. A new one for me!

  • hacktivists against blogs

    Are WordPress and Blogspot secure free hosts?

    A humble suggestion about comments on ZDNet blogs: the web norm is that when users click-select on "2 comments", a comment form opens up, not "Talk Back" with a link called "voice your opinion".

    I find this added step disconcerting.

    But I am *addicted* to ZDNet Tech blogs. No complaints about the content, tone or topics!

    • I suspect not

      As far as I know most blogging platforms are completely open to DDOS attacks.

      Totally agree with you that the Talkback function is annoying. Probably why there are so few comments on these blogs.