Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

Summary: Google's famous developer conference - Google I/O 2011 - ushered 5,000 attendees into San Francisco's Moscone Center. Violet Blue was there, observing that Google is making sacrifices Apple wouldn't dream of.


Google's famous developer conference - Google I/O 2011 - ushered 5,000 attendees into San Francisco's Moscone Center on Tuesday, May 10 at 9am. During an energetic and smoothly executed keynote, the standing-room-only auditorium found out what Google's got for devs and their clients through at least the end of 2011.

Google announced Music Beta (currently invite only), Honeycomb update, and an agressive "Android everywhere" strategy that makes everything you have in Android portable to every device - that goes for their new movie rental partnerships for Google TV as well.

They're also pushing toward open hardware and cozying up their ties to Arduino. Read more in Google Picks Arduino For Android Open Accessory "Kit."

Google I/O did not disappoint when it came to their customary tokens of appreciation for developer attendees.

Google IO 2011 attendees received an unreleased Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Limited Edition HD 32G, and a Mobile Hotspot and SIM plus 3 months free service - and it's rumored, a phone.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 LE is thinner than an iPad 2, weighs 1.31 lbs., and boasts 10 hours of video playback. It also has a 3 MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front, and a 1GHz dual-core processor. It will be available to consumers on June 8.

It was tough not to walk away with the realization that Google is determined to own, and feels downright bloodthirsty - enough to make sacrifices that Apple would never dream of. That's exciting.

Be sure to read:

And for a great summary of the keynote play by play as it happened, check out Danny Sullivan's Live Blogging the Google I/O 2011 Day I Keynote.

Top photo: VIP's were given plush Android toys. I named him Ike, and took him out for Happy Hour.

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  • oh yeah, google movie service is down

    The message is between:
    Http/1.1 Service Unavailable
    502. That?s an error.
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
    Please try again in 30 seconds. That?s all we know.

  • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

    Are these using Super Amoled + Screens?
  • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

    Oh yeah and for all the bashing, it looks like Samsung did it, they've made a thinner, lighter tablet that no doubt has a better screen than the iPad 2.
    • @Peter Perry - fandroid deluxe...

      Your Google/Android love affair and "opinion as fact" has approached comical levels in many of your posts. You are indeed the new fandroid version of Mike Cox.

      Once again they had send their original, less than adequate device back to the drawing board in order to try and top the iPad2 (so the latest Galaxy is now thinner... big deal).

      Pretty pathetic when many have to follow rather than lead... much like the iOS wannabe Android.

      Google has become the Microsoft of the '90s and that's pretty scary.

      When is the DOJ going to start going after Google?
      • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

        @MacCanuck See, you can't even admit they did it! Always some excuse when you were talking about how it was Vaporware it was all good but now that it is real all you can say is they're followers!<br><br>Get real, in many ways iOS isn't half the operating system Android is but it would kill you to admit that there are advantages there wouldn't it?<br><br> And the DOJ will go after Apple before it goes after Google! Apple is the one limiting competition.
    • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

      @Peter Perry
      Apple has loyal fans... that's hard to beat, the only product from Google that I use is gmail and Blogger, and I've never paid a dime for either one, I doubt that will change anytime soon.
      • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011

        @Hasam1991 really, you don't use their search engine or the GPS (not sure if it still is but it used to be the back end of the iPhone GPS)...

        As for their services, I have never paid a dime for Google's services either.
  • Sacrifices???

    Other than handing out all the freebies, would you please explain what sacrifices Google is willing to make that Apple "would never dream of"?
    • RE: Opening Day at Google I/O 2011


      I'm with you. I too would like to know what "sacrifices" Google is willing to make.

      Watching the keynote remotely I didn't get a sense of much excitement at all. The one exception being Samsung/Google giving away 5000 tablets. Other than that most of the applause sounded forced.

      I am waiting until the end of today's keynote, but right now I would classify Google I/O as "meh".

      If the number of comments on the Google I/O related articles is any indicator, I would say most people agree.
      Rich Miles