Dan Kusnetzky

Daniel Kusnetzky, a reformed software engineer and product manager, founded Kusnetzky Group LLC in 2006. He's literally written the book on virtualization and often comments on cloud computing, mobility and systems software. In his spare time, he's also the managing partner of Lux Sonus LLC, an investment firm.

Ken Hess

Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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Cassatt - moving virtualization up a notch

I've been following Cassatt for a number of years and have always thought that the company has taken a fresh, different view of the concept of virtualization in the implementation of its product "Collage". In an attempt to catch up with what the company is doing now, I spoke with Jay Fry and Ken Oestreich.

April 17, 2007 by


Conversation with Marathon Technology

A few days ago I had the opportunity to speak with Marathon Technology's, Michael Bilancieri, Director of Products, and Steve Keilen, Vice President of Marketing about creating both highly available (HA) and fully fault tolerant  (FT) environments using industry standard systems. It was a very interesting conversation.

April 17, 2007 by

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Corda Technologies' Visualization Products

I had a delightful dinner conversation with Mark Christensen, VP of Marketing, and an old friend, Leslie Proctor, Director of Public Relations, for Corda Technologies last night in Deerfield, FL. Although Corda's visualization products only tangential to the world of virtualization, they're quite interesting.

April 10, 2007 by


ClearCube's Approach to Getting There Virtually

ClearCube's Tom Josefy and Kala Ranaganathan briefed me on ClearCube Sentral 5.5, an updated version of their desktop management software that is designed to work with applications encapsulated in VMware's ESX Server 3 or VMware Server Virtualization Software as well as  managing applications running on of ClearCube's own PC Blades.

April 9, 2007 by


Getting there virtually

Virtualization is a way to abstract applications and their underlying components away from the hardware supporting them. The goal usually is one of the following: higher levels of performance, scalability, reliability or to create a unified security or management domain.

April 5, 2007 by