Another take on VMware acquisition of Zimbra

Another take on VMware acquisition of Zimbra

Summary: Greg O'Conner of AppZero weighs in on VMware acquiring Zimbra.


Greg O'Conner, President and CEO of AppZero, has offered an interesting take on VMware's acquisition of Zimbra in a post humorously titled "VMware buys Zimbra. Next step Bed, Bath, and Beyond?" As usual, Greg offers his insights wrapped in a wonderful sense of humor. His take, by the way, is quite similar to that offered by my colleague Paula Rooney in her post Will "VMware dilute its core asset?"

In this post, he suggests that he sees several different ways to view this move. One way is that this acquisition could be the launch pad for a portfolio of applications. The other is that this move will dilute VMware's focus on its core market.

What's your view?

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