DataSynapse GridServer 5.0 scales up scale out computing

DataSynapse GridServer 5.0 scales up scale out computing

Summary: DataSynapse GridServer Version 5.0 is all about scalability in administration and management.

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Jamie Bernardin, CTO of DataSynapse, and I enjoyed (well at least I enjoyed it) a fast moving discussion of the challenges of scaling up scaled out computing. DataSynapse's GridServer® has been one of the virtual processing solutions that I've been watching for years. Here are a few of my notes from the discussion.

GridServer 5.0 Highlights

  • Easy-to-use,"low touch"Grid administration capabilities that include an AJAX-enabled dynamic Enterprise Management Dashboard that allows administrators to track, visualize and search Grid activity.
  • Sophisticated optimization of system assignments based upon system properties and organizational preferences
  • User-defined roles enhancing organizations' ability to manage and secure access to Grid resources - LDAP and Active Directory integration is available
  • Low latency .NET virtual service implementation is now available

What's New with 5.o

When I asked what's been changed between 4.0 and 5.0, Jamie summed it up this way - version 4.0 was all about scalability in performance. Version 5.0 is all about scalability in administration and management. GridServer 5.0 architecturally can manage over 20,000 node mega Grids. Several DataSynapse customers have deployed this software in environments having well over 5,000 physical nodes.


DataSynapse has long been a supplier of technology that allows organizations to apply Grid computing techniques to real world applications in financial services, health care, government and other markets. The new release gives DataSynapse customers room to scale up their scale out computing environment.

Topic: Hardware


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