Day 10 of the old coffee-in-the-keyboard trick

Day 10 of the old coffee-in-the-keyboard trick

Summary: This is the final episode in Dan's adventure in Dell-land. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about this anyway.

TOPICS: Laptops

This is the final episode in Dan's adventure in Dell-land. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about this anyway.

An industrial sorcerer from Qualxserv, one of Dell's service contractors, appeared in my office this morning to install the correct processor (2.16 GHz Core 2 Centrino) in my laptop. While he was performing incantations, I left the room. I hate going around all day with the smell of sulfur in my hair and clothes.

While the sounds of of heavy duty magic were heard in the other room, I saw the DHL truck arrive. The driver brought the replacement battery up to the door, said hello and left.

Neither of them, by the way were wearing Keystone Cops uniforms.

Over the last day or so, I've had several conversations with representatives of Dell's media relations group. They took down all of the details of my experiences during our discussion. I hope that this will help some other poor unfortunate.

I really appreciate the following:

  • All of the wonderful suggestions readers have offered
  • Stories of similar experiences offered by other readers
  • The good-natured poking from those who are sure that I'm an idiot for:

  1. Choosing a Dell Laptop in the first place
  2. Running Windows on that machine rather than using either MacOS or Linux (I'm not sure why this was important. I think most laptops would get indigestion when fed a meal of coffee)
  3. Not enjoying the process of field stripping my laptop and getting my arms, up to the elbows, in the guts of my machine.

All right. I'll admit it. I'm an idiot. At least I enjoy my day!

Topic: Laptops


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  • Enjoyed...

    ...your 'humility' and self-effacing sense of humor.
    Don't be so hard on yourself!

    (Seriously. A Good Read)
    D T Schmitz
  • Coffee-in-the-keyboard trick

    I really enjoyed your experience at Dell. I am sorry that you had to go thru so much frustration to get it fixed. I also had a problem with dell, I bought a desktop with vista, and boy, did I make a mistake. I called Dell tech about 20 times and got almost every Indian person that they pay. I had to explain the same things over and over again even though they say that they are making notes. I got so frustrated that I told them I need to talk to a manager, a nice man named "Joe" answer and it was apparent that he wasn't a "Joe", but I stuck it out. He then said that he couldn't help me and that he was going to transfer me to escalation??? I thought I had escalation. I had to speak to another person and explain all of my information. (what is up with that?) It went into my system and took over my mouse and went in and out of all of my files, which I didn't appreicate. That was the last time I did that. I finally got someone that spoke without an Indian accent name Bob, I think, he and I finally agreed that I needed to have my pc repaired. Well, I thought I was getting somewhere. Well, that also was short lived. I was transferred to another person and they asked me the same questions. I was on the phone for 4 hours already. I had lost it. I told them I can't stay on the phone anymore and hung up while they were thanking me for using Dell!!
    I finally returned the whole unit, they paid for the pickup and the cost of the shipment. That really impressed me. To bad it was too little too late. I know that you understand my feelings about Dell, I really like your stories, they made me smile and I know I shouldn't have. Sincerely, a new fan of yours.