HP to resell Scalent System's V/OE

HP to resell Scalent System's V/OE

Summary: I just heard the news that HPis going to offer Scalent Systems' V/OE as part of the HP BladeSystem c-Class Solution Builder Program. This is obviously good news for Scalent.


I just heard the news that HPis going to offer Scalent Systems' V/OE as part of the HP BladeSystem c-Class Solution Builder Program. This is obviously good news for Scalent.

Here's how Scalent would describe V/OE:

Scalent V/OE infrastructure virtualization software enables data center managers to react in real-time to changing business needs. It does this by dynamically changing the software stack that servers are running and how those servers are connected to networks and storage systems, without making physical changes to the infrastructure. This ability to make real-time server software, network connectivity and storage access changes adds greater infrastructure flexibility, drives down costs and increases deployment and failover capabilities of data center systems.

Snapshot Analysis

This announcement is good news for Scalent Systems. After all, HP has many more representatives around the world and this could mean that more IT decision makers could be made aware of Scalent V/OE and what it could do for their organization. It is good news for HP because it lets them offer sophisticated management software for virtualized environments that matches nearly all of the features offered by suppliers such as Egenera.

What does it mean for others? 

This announcement comes after Egenera's announcement that it was launching its own software buiness. My post Egenera Launches Software Business explores this topic a bit farther. After reading through Egenera's announcement one certainly could come to the conclusion that Egenra's move was an attempt at a pre-emptive strike against suppliers such as Scalent Systems. It is not at all clear that this move will be as successful as Egenera would like since it is somewhat late. There are now several suppliers of software technology that, on the surface, offer many or, perhaps, most of the features of Egenera's PAN manager.

What does it mean for your organization?

Although this announcement largely targets HP and its customers, Scalent has partnerships with other hardware suppliers. Scalent's technology, in combination with that offered by these partners, could be very helpful to organizations building a dynamic datacenter that includes both virtual and physical resources.

Is your organization using Scalent V/OE? What benefits has this technology offered your company?

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  • Production customers?


    Your glowing praise of Scalent continues to mystify me as we have yet to hear publicly about a single production customer talk about their use of Scalent or even their intention to use their product in the enterprise data center. We?ve heard Scalent say they have 10 paying customers, 50 paying customers, and everything in between ? but we?re still waiting for a production customer reference. I especially love their customer page on their web site which says "Our customers consider Scalent such a competitive advantage that most contractually require us to conceal their identity." For anyone who believes that, I have a bridge I can sell you.

    As you also probably know, Scalent directly targets Egenera in their marketing. It is somewhat flattering, as we appreciate being the market gorilla to the new kid on the block. However, we know who our competition is ? the large server vendors who have been following in our footsteps since we pioneered the optimal data center virtualization architecture back in 2002. In fact, the recent announcements from HP and IBM make it clear that they know we got it right 6 years ago, though while they are now introducing Rev 1 of their products we have had a six year head start and our software is many years ahead based on what our customers and a number of industry analysts tell us.

    As for the implication that our software business announcement, and subsequent first OEM partner announcement with Fujitsu Siemens Computers of a month ago was at all "preemptive" in nature, I can assure you that our business strategy is guided by what we believe our broad and global customer base of hundreds of enterprises, public sector organizations and service providers will find valuable and not would-be competitors' marketing strategies. We continue to forge ahead with what we ? and our customers - believe is the most sophisticated data center virtualization software solution in the market; proven in enterprise production for over five years and with services that no other vendor offers.


    Susan Davis
    VP, Marketing
    Egenera, Inc.