Introducing iWave and its new iWave Storage Director

Introducing iWave and its new iWave Storage Director

Summary: iWave is coming out of the shadows of its OEM partners to present its technology directly to the market. iWave's Orchestrator and iWave Storage Director target heterogeneous data center and cloud environments


Iwave Softwre logoEvery now and again I take part in a briefing that is far to short to really explore all of the ramifications of a move made by an interesting supplier of IT technology. In this case, a 30 minute session with iWave Software's CEO, Brent Rhymes, and VP of Channel Sales and Marketing, Ron Smith, simply wasn't enough time to consider the impact of the launch of iWave's Storage Director storage virtualization technology.

Why haven't I heard of iWave Software before?

Although iWave has been around since 1993 and has many Global 500 customers, I hadn't heard of the company. That might be because its go-to-market strategy largely was based upon working with larger suppliers that delivered iWave's IT automation technology as part if their offerings. So, iWave was invisible. Now, the company is starting to reach out to the industry under its own name.

What does iWave Software do?

iWave is quietly involved in a number of management software markets. The list includes Data Center Orchestration, Automation and Cloud Management software. The iWave Orchestrator is at the heart of the company's offerings.

iWave Orchestrator provides a platform for automation in data center and on-demand contexts. The goal for iWave Orchestrator is to move beyond the internal focus of traditional IT Service Automation (ITSM) products to delivering IT process automation. Today, iWave Orchestrator has adapters for over 50 data center applicaitons that span Windows, UNIX and Linux.

The company has established partnerships with vendors such as CA, BMC, EMC, HP, IBM, VMware and Microsoft.

What's new?

iWave contacted me to introduce it's Storage Director, a storage automation platform. This product allows IT administrators to create automated services for storage provisioning, storage reclamation and storage remediation when issues are detected.

Storage Director makes it possible for storage administrators to manage the data life cycle for a broad array of physical, virtual and cloud-based storage. This includes managing requests for storage, specifying when automated services may run to comply with the organization's storage maintenance schedule, enforce naming conventions so different business units don't create an electronic tower of babel in the data center, and enforce storage limits on a per-user, per-device or per-service basis.

Snapshot analysis

I'm glad iWave took the time to reach out to me.  I enjoyed the all-too-short conversation and thought the company's philosophy would result in useful products. The fact that the company really lives and breathes in a heterogeneous multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-environment world means that its products are likely to be of great use to customers.

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