Rules of Spam

Rules of Spam

Summary: Bruce's Blog offers the rules of spam.

TOPICS: Security

I just came across a delightful post, The Rules of Spam, on Bruce's Blog. I enjoyed both the pointed humor and the serious truth behind Bruce's rules.

I thought you'd like to read the rules as well.

Topic: Security


Daniel Kusnetzky, a reformed software engineer and product manager, founded Kusnetzky Group LLC in 2006. He's literally written the book on virtualization and often comments on cloud computing, mobility and systems software. In his spare time, he's also the managing partner of Lux Sonus LLC, an investment firm.

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  • Good post

    I had an awful experience one time - I had my own domain which was my name. I was on business all over the world, when one day in the UK I checked my email and had some spam in it.

    I looked at the header and saw the spam originated at a university in the states that I had had some dealings with, and where I knew the IT director. They had had a lot of trouble with hackers there in the past.

    So I emailed him to notify him and sent along the email and header.

    Then I started getting deluged with notices that spam was arriving at places all over the world and that they were banning my domain from sending email to their systems. Attached were spam emails which listed my domain as a return address. So it basically destroyed my domain and I had to go get another one.

    The hackers must have been not only partying at that university but also reading the emails of the IT director. (may have been, I don't really know)