STORServer backup solutions for the midmarket

STORServer backup solutions for the midmarket

Summary: STORServer is offering storage appliances designed to make backup, disaster recovery and the use of cloud storage easy.


I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with an old friend from my Digital Equipment days, Bill Smoldt, President of STORServer. StorServer is one of a number of suppliers doing their best to use storage virtualization and cloud storage to make backup and disaster recovery simple and easy to use for midmarket companies.

STORServer is offering a number of storage appliance servers that are built upon the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). They are designed to scale from small to very large IT environments and to be extremely fast to install and use.

STORServer's products offer the following capabilities:

  • Client and server size de-duplication to optimize storage and network requirements.
  • Intelligent data movement to make the best use of available network bandwidth
  • Data archiving that help organizations address regulatory compliance
  • Centralized automation to create a "set and forget" backup environment

It was an interesting conversation and I hope to chat with one of STORServer's customers in the future.

Topics: Storage, Data Management


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