Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

Summary: Trying out Microsoft's competitor to Google's apps and other online collaborative tools.


I recently was offered the opportunity to try out Microsoft's Office 365 beta.  It appears that this is Microsoft's answer to Google's online services. It offers online versions of Outlook and Exchange; team versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and Lync (Microsoft's stab at instant message as well as both audio and video calling.) It also wants to be the company's web presence. I'll try this out and let you know a bit about my experiences. So far, I'm not impressed.

The first thing that this service does is scold me about my choice of Web browser and tells me that:

Improve your web browser experience You are viewing Microsoft Office 365 with a web browser that may cause some pages to display incorrectly and some features to function in an unexpected way. You will have a better experience with our website if you use one of these supported browsers:

  • Windows Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, or Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows 7
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows Vista
  • Mozilla Firefox running on Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • Apple Safari running on Mac OS X version 10.6 or 10.5

So, the answer is "no soup for you" if you're using Firefox on Mac or anything on Linux.

I'm not sure who would be interested in using Microsoft online as their web presence. Nor am I too sure why people would abandon the instant messaging or internet calling tools they're using today.

I'll play with this and comment again.

Here are a few ZDnet posts on Microsoft Office 365

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  • Awesome!

    MS lets you into the Beta and you complain about having to use IE. Corporations who have no issue with having IE as their supported browser keep getting shunned away from the Beta! Glad to see you made it in and offer no intelligence to the rest of us who look forward to this opportunity! Keep up the crappy reporting!
    • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

      @COMMO25U I agree!!!!!!
    • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

      @COMMO25U and it isn't just restricted to IE, he could also be using Firefox on Windows or Safari on Mac. Looks to me like Daniel Kusnetzky is just looking for reasons to crap on this product.
    • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

      @COMMO25U <br><br>You don't know who wants to use MS online? You haven't noticed that the most used IM is MS? This scrawled post you've put up. doesn't even count as a blog.<br><br>WHich century are you writing from?
    • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.


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  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    One thing for sure, you didn't understand what is beta! Rest of your blog is just crap. Sorry to put this down and if it sounds harsh, but it is that.
    Ram U
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    im in beta as well...had only a small time testing it but you really dont need IE to use office 365. It automatically configures your office tools and lync to use their server so you can use the desktop softwares in the cloud. Its very handy for small companies like mine that cant afford expensive licenses and servers.
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    Yup pretty one sided reporting going on there...
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    @COMMO25U .. kudos!... Dan Kuznetsky... what a waste of time this post is.... There are tens of thousands of us out there waiting for Q2 to try it out , and here you are pouting about browser selection. Try doing a bit of reporting as one of the lucky few and actually look at the product. I'm not quite sure how you managed to wing beta selection, but it appears your presence on it is a big mistake.
  • I'm not sure. What does the term &quot;Beta&quot; mean?

    does that mean it's the finished product? So it should work on everything if thats the case.

    Beta? I'll look that word up.
    Will Farrell
  • What a joke...

    Well, look at his credentials:

    "Daniel Kusnetzky is a distinguished analyst and the founder of the Kusnetzky Group LLC"

    I too am a Distinguished Analyst at Omdguy Group LLC.
    • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

      @omdguy :)
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    What a waste of a beta opportunity. Microsoft should consider offering this to somebody who has actual insight into the product. Your entire blog can be summed up in a fragment sentence such as, "best runs in ie9 therefore not impressed"... wow.
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    I'm in the beta and I've used IE9, Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari (on my Mac) without a hitch. Daniel needs to go back to school.
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

    yea, well done on the crappy reporting man.
  • RE: Trying out Microsoft Office 365 beta.

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