Wanna Try Joost?

Wanna Try Joost?

Summary:    I probably don't need to tell you what Joost is...so I won't.

TOPICS: Telcos




I probably don't need to tell you what Joost is...so I won't. But what I will tell you is that I have three invitations to their beta to give away here.

If you'd like to be one of them all I ask is that in a month you give me some feedback on how your experience went so we can tell the world what you think about the new service and this new horizon.

If you want to be considered, please leave a comment below. I'll pick three people randomly.

I've got two more to give away here as well.




Topic: Telcos

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  • Joost Invites???

    Ooohh!! OOOooohh!! Me me me me me ooohhh OOOHHH oohh !!!!
  • Pick me! Pick me!

    I'm headed overseas as a volunteer and would love to take Joost with me.

    That, and your other blog gives a 404 when I try to submit the comment form. ;-)
  • I need this...

    My television has just broken and i've been waiting for my joost invite to come via the natural route for weeks.

    I am absolutely desperate and crawling up the walls with boredom.

    I've even begun doing my homework

    you have the power to be my salvation, and make my senior spring into the television-soaked orgy of slackdom it was meant to be.
  • wouldn't mind reviewing

    been looking to give this a real spin for some time now...
  • Joost Beta

    I would love to be considered for a Joost Beta Invite.
  • Wanna Try Joost?

    I'll give it a try. I'd love to see what they offer over regular tv since I cut back on my cable channels.

    Food Network 4 life.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Don't pick me!

      If you haven't already picked some people I'm asking you not to pick me. I received my invite today from Joost and would like to see you give the 3 invites you have available to others who do not have an invite.
      Loverock Davidson
  • Sure, I'll try it

    if you send me an invite, i'll try it out.....looks like it will be pretty neat, if it works good.
  • YES!

    I never win anything, but.....
  • Ooh, me, me!

    I'd love to try Joost :D
  • Can someone outside the US apply?

    If so, I'd like to try it and compare it to Sky's Anytime in the UK.
    • European Here

      I've been on their wait list for some time now, so I would appreciate that shortcut.
    • Just to clarify, Sky's Anytime service also uses P2P for delivery (NT)

  • I'd like to try it!

    I would really like to try this out... I used to work in iDTV, so this is a really interesting project for me.


  • Yes Please!

    Joost is exciting!
  • Interesting offer

    I'd like to give it a try...
  • jooooost!!!

    here i am!!! i really want one :)
  • Joost Beta

    I'd like to try Joost.
  • joostme plz

    i would love to try joost :(
  • I'd like Joost

    Thanks for the offer!