launches cleaner, more personalized design launches cleaner, more personalized design

Summary: The new homepage of CNN looks great.I love the grid layout and clear headlines.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

The new homepage of CNN looks great.

CNN new design

I love the grid layout and clear headlines. The colors are bold, but they don't interfere with the content.

CNN added the "News Pulse" tab to their main navigation. It's different view of the news based on what is popular, how many comments, or what the subject matter is.

There is also a better view of your profile on CNN.

You can save stories, view your comments, and see news relevant to your locale.

This is step in the right direction for CNN. They have had a good design in the past, but now it's even better.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • A lot of blank space.


    But a lot of blank space on a large monitor. I *do* wish news organizations would use the whole screen rather than a single long column.

    Especially as screens are getting *wider* not taller.

    Even ZDNet is annoying in this area.
  • Cleaner????

    Not sure I would call it that .... it is totally relative to the user.

    A lot different and temporarily hard to use (until a person gets use to it and figures out how it works) but I see the same amount of clutter (probably more) than before.

    Since I use an Adblock, I don't see any ads .... maybe the "cleaner" part is related to less or smaller ads that I never see.
  • Beautiful, but one problem.

    Story weight. On the old site, you knew exactly what the
    news was -- and which stories were most vital to know
    about -- based on the prominence and position of the

    Looking now, it seems "Meet the Latina Martha Stewart" is
    more important than "Death Toll Tops 130 in Baghdad
    Bombings," thanks to a smaller font size and smaller left
    box than the middle unit. Further, the "latest news" is
    relegated to a tiny box below the fold (1280x800) on the

    It's real pretty, but it definitely gets in the way of
    conveying the immediacy of breaking news.
  • RE: launches cleaner, more personalized design

    I like the new look and feel, however, the grid pattern is not consistent on each of the sites. Sometimes there are three columns, sometimes two..

    Sometimes the height of the main story in the two column layout is taller than the others.

    Sometimes the "news column" (left-most column) has text stories.. otherwise, laid out with images and text

    I feel that they are definitely putting more emphasis on video and how video is presented on the site. When you go to the main page, the center column with video is framed nicely by the content. I also like how the video is embedded on specific story pages.

    The embedded videos towards the end of the story float nicely into prominence when clicked on. I thought it was a very good implementation.

    (note any links listed may change in appearance)..