Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

Summary: When you login to Facebook today, you might notice a slightly different news feed.There is a link that says "View Live Feed"...


When you login to Facebook today, you might notice a slightly different news feed.

There is a link that says "View Live Feed"... but wait. What makes something "news" and what makes something "live"? Okay, I'll click the new button.

When I click the new "View Live Feed" button, I'm taken to a new page that shows stuff other than status; the stuff that used to be in the news feed like friend relationships, event RSVPs, and group joins.

But I thought it's supposed to be live and updating in real time? Okay, I'll wait.



Nothing's updating. I had to hit refresh to see new posts in my live feed. Even the old "View new posts" link that used to come up every few minutes is gone.

Facebook is making an Ajax call on this page, but it's returning an error:

Okay, back to news view.

Wait, why is there a post from my friend Nini that says "Go Raiders" from yesterday at 10:19 a.m? What makes that news and the other thousands of posts per hour that have happened since then... not visible?

Stuff in my "news" feed is not in any particular order either.

What is going on here? For someone who uses Facebook a lot, I don't understand what I'm supposed to look at. Imagine how the average user will feel.

The worst thing you can do as a software team is release something and have it blow up in your face. Please fix this guys...

There was no warning to users about the change, only a post on Facebook's blog explaining why the changes were made and what they mean.

They're messin with the social graph...

The other thing about this taylored news feed is that I didn't decide what was important news... Facebook did. I think this needs to be more in the hands of the users.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Facebook problems

    Thanks for laying out the problems clearly like this. I and other I know are having the same issues. Also SelectiveTwitter isn't working today, so updates made on Twitter aren't showing up on FB.
    Hopefully they'll get it working as expected (chronological order!) by next week.
  • RE: Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

    When I clicked on "Status Update" in Left Menu, new posts returned.
  • RE: Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

    I've been working on trying to coalesce all my sporadic rants and diatribes on Facebook's user interface efforts for a while. But I think it comes down to this:

    Facebook designers have a bachelor degree level understanding of user interface design, but have not demonstrated a higher level degree in HCI. They've got the basics, like alignment, spacing, grouping like things together; I learned this in a human factors class when I was a second year in college, circa 2002, before Facebook made it to my school Spring 2003.

    But, in the past 4-5 years, they've been riding the wave of impressive user acquisition numbers based on a basic set of features over-top a networking application. They've done nothing to show that they are doing any advanced thinking about social networking, or reading literature on social networking theory.

    Many of their new features, some of which produce ROI, make people feel uncomfortable. And many of their new features are there just for glitz and glamor - UI Engineers trying to flex their jQuery skills to impress the community.

    I don't think it's an absolute mess, but lets just start calling it like we see it instead of glamorizing their organization. Close but no cigar...
  • RE: Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

    You might consider taking an English 101 class.
  • 2533 Messages in your inbox?

    Guess we know what happens if we try to contact you on Facebook ...

  • Facebook nearly completely broken

    For the past week now, Facebook has been unusable. I've tried it on 3 computer with 3 different browsers. It's as if the CSS is not working at all.

    Anyone else having this same issue?
    • RE: Facebook launches confusing, counterintuitive, broken UI

      @mmem700 I am having exactly the same problem, nothign seems to fix it. All CSS is broken on the main home page, the events button, the view top news button etc are all missing.

      Have you fixed it, if so how?
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